Wave goodbye to Tottenham’s Dele Alli??

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#FPL OCD – Gameweek 27 Review: there is that niggling voice in my head…

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This was it then, the beginning of the ascent. I have posited on here recently that the blanks and double gameweeks would be the point that we veterans were able to assert our authority, the time when our vast experience and obsessive attention to detail would show, and the rookies would take their eye off the ball and struggle. With an absence of Everton and Liverpool players in my side, I was able to set myself up comfortably. I rolled out a rare 4-4-2, wanting to keep Aguero, and not being entirely sold on any replacements for Wijnaldum (more on that later). I was even able to carry a transfer, maintaining the 2 that I have pocketed for the majority of the past few months.

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