World Cup Preview: Group A – Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Uruguay

The World Cup 2018 is just around the corner and that means one thing for us… Fantasy World Cup!!!

Now clearly the powers that be at are taking their time before releasing their official Fantasy game. I fully expect it to launch a few days prior to the tournament and all Hell to brake loose as the masses descend on the website fully intent on getting Ronaldo, Messi, and Nicklas Bendtner as their fearsome front three. (I am considering boycotting the World Cup entirely if Lord Bendtner does not make a swift return from injury)

We will of course set up a public league once the game goes live and put together a prize for the winner.

In the meantime we have been keeping busy in preparation. Coming up over the next two weeks there will be a World Cup preview for each group both in blog form and as a podcast with myself, John Wallin and Mike P as part of the Bang Average Podcast

First up given the shackles of Alphabetical order is GROUP A


You can read the full Group A Preview HERE

Group OverviewRussia: 40/1

Saudi Arabia: 1000/1

Egypt: 150/1

Uruguay: 28/1

With no superpower, this is probably the worst group. Who are we kidding, the group is garbage. Russia as a 1 seed was always going to make for a relatively soft group, but Uruguay should cruise through a group in which they are the only side with a FIFA rank in the top 45. Everyone knows the FIFA ranks are definitive and cannot be questioned. If Suarez and co don’t qualify with a game to spare, they should all be bitten in the forearm.

The ‘official’ game still isn’t released at time of writing, so prices are from

Continue reading Group A Preview which includes:

  • Projected Starting 11
  • Players To Watch
  • Players To Avoid



The Group A Podcast has already been recorded and is scheduled for release on Monday June 4th

In the meantime if podcasts are your thing – here is the latest from ourselves – the Bang Average Premier League Season review.


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