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The Lamb vs. The App: A Fantasy Premier League App review

The recently launched Fantasy Premier League App created much excitement here at Yirma Towers, and straight away we knew that there was only one man who we could trust to test it out on behalf of you, the humble Fantasy football player.

As the most technologically advanced member of the Yirma team (he was first in the queue for an iPhone 5 before realising he already had one), @pedro_lamb was the perfect guinea pig for the experiment, and armed with £1.49 of his own money he downloaded the app and conducted a thorough review.

Here, after an awful lot of editing, is The Lamb’s report:


“So, the game that we all love and takes over many hours of our life throughout the season may have just got that bit more addictive, with the App finally made available.

“Now I was expecting this App to be pretty special as the current mobile website works very well. After a first play with the App, my findings will not be pleasing reading to our friends at the Premier League.  

“The first thing I tried was to make a change to my starting 11, and the results aren’t great.

“The first one of the many little annoyances I have with this App is that you can’t just swap out your captain – or vice-captain for that matter – instead you need to swipe across to the next screen then actually change your captain by selecting the player and then pressing the captain button.

“Also, another quirk is that you can only make players in your starting 11 the captain so therefore, for example, if you have a striker on the bench because he was injured for the last game and your current captain is now injured, you need to swap the captain to be a player in your starting XI, then substitute out that player and bring in your striker and, only then you can make him captain. It’s all a bit a faff, really.

“In relation to transfers, the screen is slightly better, however you can’t easily do searches on the other players.

“Instead you have to remove a player from your team and then you can see the other players, so you can’t quickly look at how many points (the great) Tom Huddlestone has got so far if you want to sign him. And you do.

“Even worse, picture the scene – and we have all been here many times thanks to this addiction that the majority of us suffer from the impending doom that is fantasy football and the fact we need to know instantly if we are beating our mates at this stupid game.  It’s a stupid game at the moment because of my shockingly bad performance over the last two weeks, which really is Karma because I panicked and played my wild card, yet again. I played it far too early.  When will I ever learn? –Sorry went off track ever so slightly, where was I?

“Oh yes, that horrid moment when Tevez scores and you can’t remember for the life of you if your mate or head-to-head opponent had him as captain or not, so usually you would log onto the WAP site, find his team and be able to see who he had. Well the App doesn’t allow for this, therefore prolonging the agony. Seriously, why does it not allow you to see other people’s teams?

“So to sum up, after a quick play and being £1.49 worse off I am far from being satisfied. The scorecard is a C minus and that is being generous!

“I think this App is another step backwards by Fantasy Premier League, although I am yet to try it during the live games, so who knows, come Saturday it might be quickly updated with live player scores. However I wouldn’t hold your breath.

“I would keep that £1.49 in your bank account and continue to use the WAP Site if you have a smart phone.

“Lamb Out.”

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