27 Signs That You’re Addicted To Fantasy Football

 As we reach our landmark 100th Gameweek preview we’ve been left wondering just what it is that keeps us going. Why are we so devoted to Fantasy Football?

After a beer or two, and then one or two more, we decided that the answer is simple. It’s an addiction!
We then came up with 27 reasons to prove our addiction to this wonderful/dreadful/enjoyable/infuriating love of ours.  

How many do you recognise in yourself?  

Be honest, it’s all of them isn’t it?!



1. You Remember The Great ‘Gareth Bale Is Still Listed As A Defender’ High Of 2010 With Much Fondness

2. You Are An Expert On Diego Costa’s Hamstrings

3. You See Jon Walters As Reliable

4. You’re An Arsenal Fan Who Got Over Losing Robin van Persie Once He Started Scoring You Loads Of Points

5. When A Player Goes On A Scoring Run You Think ‘His Price Is Bound To Go Up Soon’

6. Stewart Downing’s Good Form Has Got You Questioning Everything You Thought You Knew About Football

7. You’ve Seen An Upside To Your Own Team Conceding A Goal

8. You’ve Used The Word ‘Differential’ In A Conversation

9. You’ve Lost Friends Over A Head-To-Head Result

10. You Hate A Work Colleague Who You Don’t Know Because He’s Ahead Of You In Your Office Mini-League

11. You Have A Grudging Respect For Ryan Shawcross Because He Keeps Clean Sheets

12. You’ve Got A Story About Captaining A Player When No-One Else Did, And He Went On To Score A Hat-Trick

13. You Change Channels When Sergio Aguero Gets Subbed

14. You Spend More Time Looking At Other Teams Than At Your Own

15. You’ve Dropped The Phrase ‘He’s Got A 75% Chance Of Playing’ Into A Conversation

16. You Told People That Luis Suarez Was Your Captain Every Week Last Season, Even Though There Was A 95% Chance He Was Probably Theirs Too

17. You Think Seamus Could Be A Good Name For Your First-Born Son

18. And Possibly Leighton If It’s A Girl

19. Alexis Sanchez Being Listed As A Midfielder Pleased You More Than Anything Else Ever Has


20. You’ve Written Angry Emails To The Premier League About The Bonus Points System

21. You Always Want Jeff Stelling To Tell You Who Got The Assist


22. You Have Cheered A Manchester United Goal Despite Not Being A Manchester United Fan

23. You Have No Appreciation For Defensive Midfielders

24. You’ve Never Picked Jack Wilshere

25. You’ve Always Got Your Eye On Steven Fletcher

26. The Name ‘Amr Zaki’ Conjures Up Warm Feelings

27. You Knew About Michu Before Anyone Else Did

Compiled by @Mark_Jones86

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