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23 Reasons That You Can’t Wait For Arsenal v Manchester United

19 Reasons That You Hate The International Break

1. You Spend Two Weeks Worrying That Your Team’s Best Players Will Get Injured


2. And Then They Do Get Injured


3. One-Sided Matches


4. There’s No Super Sunday


5. Adrian Chiles


6. Roy Hodgson


7. You End Up Missing These Two


8. Your Club Is On A Great Run, And You Don’t Want The Momentum To Stop


9. The England Band


10. Nowhere Near The Same Passion As Club Football


11. This Always Happens



12. Andy Townsend


13. Needless Drama Over Non-Stories


14. Weird Fans


15. Boring Matches


16. The Fact That Someone Actually Brought Their Butler To Wembley The Other Day














17. No-One Really Knows Where San Marino Is


18. Adrian Chiles, Again


19. And Of Course, No Fantasy Football!













 started out as most random fantasy football leagues do…

over alcohol.


People often ask ” What does the name mean? “

Long story short – One bloke says to the other “I need a name for the mini-league”

“the what??” came the reply.

“the fantasy league, we have to give it a name”

“I haven’t got a (Insert word of your own choosing ) clue. Sure name it after Yir Ma!”


This statement was thus taken literally and FantasyYIRMA was born!!

Since 2008 more than 10,000 people have now entered a Fantasy YIRMA mini-league.

The main league is free to play and the £100 prize fund is typically paid by the loser in the bet between the FantasyYIRMA admin team.

To take £100 off your mate in a bet is fun- to make him sponsor the league for an entire season …is funnier.

I think it’s fair to say, that if you had told me would still be running almost two years after it started I would have chuckled immensely… but it has… we have… and as both the twitter (@FantasyYIRMA ) account and website have continued to grow, it genuinely is a pleasure to be involved in the ridiculously brilliant world of Fantasy Football.

The interaction online from #FPL fans across the world has been fantastic! Our goal now is the same as it was from day one – to try and provide interesting and quality insight and to help create as much interaction around the game as possible. Simply watching the evolution of the game over the past few years as the level of interest continues to grow has been fascinating. 

Best of Luck to everyone for the 2014/15 season from us at FY! 









27 Signs That You’re Addicted To Fantasy Football

15 Transfers That Shocked English Football!!

We are delighted to be working in tandem with

Following on from Robin van Persie’s completed move from Arsenal to Manchester United, here’s a look at 15 more transfers which shocked English football.

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Written by @Lewbob91 for @Footysays

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