15 Essential Fantasy Football Tips: Gameweek 1

15 Essential Fantasy Football Tips

Written by @TheSarjeant

Here’s our 15 essential Fantasy Football Tips for new Fantasy Managers


1) Always pick players who are guaranteed to play every single game – unless injured/fatigued or suspended.

2) Always go with three at the back. You can only get 1 clean sheet max, whilst attacking players can get multiple returns.


3) Never pick a defensive midfielder. Their main duties are tackling and intercepting, not creating and scoring goals.

4) Make sure you have enough captain-able players on your team. Three is sufficient.MIDFIELDERS

5) Hold off making transfers until the end of the week. One of your players may get injured, forcing you into taking a hit.

6) It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Think long-term strategies and don’t be short-sighted.


7) Point hits can be very beneficial, even if they have a negative impact on your overall points. But don’t take too many.

8) Look for players playing ‘out of position’ (OOP) e.g. midfielders playing as strikers.


9) Be cautious of players playing reverse ‘out of position’ (POO) e.g. strikers playing as midfielders.

10) Be careful with new players to the league. They sometimes take a while to adjust and adapt.


11) Look for players on set pieces – penalties, corners and free kicks.

12) Have a good team balance. Don’t spend too much in defence and don’t leave too much money on the bench.


13) Identify players and teams who are in-form and avoid those who are out of form.

14) Frequently check out the fixture list and see who has a good run of games.

15) Look for differentials (players with low ownership) to help boost you up the rankings. But too many can be very risky.



Written by @TheSarjeant

The Sarjeant’s passionate about fantasy football, although some might call it obsessive


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