New Gaming Bean Bag Collection for your Man Cave


Written by @LOFT25Gaming


We all want to have that perfect gaming room set up that’s cosy, convenient and worth the money. Whether you’re a gamer, or a person who places their butt on a chair for hours on end, chances are that you’d really like to own a really comfortable chair. But here’s the twist: it’s not the usual gaming chair that costs an arm and leg. This is actually a gaming bean bag, with other fun products included in this collection by LOFT 25.


Let’s start off with the bean bag available in a range of 7 colours, it’s definitely something worth considering. This particular gaming bean bag was designed just for gamers. Of course, it has to look visually attractive.


With nice piping details available in different colours that reflects the black water-resistant fabric, it will stand out in any room. It’s filled with high quality fire retardant EPS polystyrene beads so when you sit back on it, it automatically moulds your body and gives you maximum comfort.


The collection also comes with a lounger bean bag. This is for all the slouchers. The gamers who just want to lean back a bit. You don’t always have to be in an intense game to benefit from this gaming lounger.

You could be watching a game, browsing Netflix or simply just lounging around sorting out your fantasy football team. The design is slightly different to the bean bag chair, as it’s obviously much bigger. So that means there is a double piping design, ensuring that the beans are nicely kept and protected inside the bean bag. It also has arm rests that you could use when you’re leaning back.


Now for the special features, here’s where it gets really tempting.


Pockets: All gamers need snacks at hand. Instead of pausing the game or your favourite show, each bean bag and lounger comes with a spacious pockets that you can use to fit your drinks, snacks or controllers.

Headset strap: You don’t want to have your headset wires all over the place so why not hang them on the side of the bean bag? With this velcro strap, you can easily hang your headset whenever it’s not in use. Who can say no to a bean bag that helps keeps things organised too?


Additional items for your gaming room: Footstools and Cushions


If you’re really getting into the bean bags, there are a few other items that you can invest in to really bring it all together. Most people would naturally go for the footstools, as it just completes the gaming room. The footstools come in the same coloured piping and also has a pocket features that you can benefit from too.

Get your hands on some gaming cushions too – featuring different gaming related slogans that you can scatter around the room. The slogans range from “Gamers Don’t Die, They Respawn” through to “Born To Game” – available in different colours.

Ed: I need to request some #FPL slogan cushions!

So do you see yourself rocking this gaming bean bag collection yet?


LOFT 25 released their new GAME OVER collection that was designed and manufactured in the U.K. For more information, visit their online store on

Ed: Just an FYI – this is not a paid ad. Over the years I’ve met people online from all over the world and occasionally come across new products – I loved these gameover chairs from the guys at Loft 25 when I spotted them online and happy to post this to showcase them to our readers.

And yes… of course I’m angling for a freebie! ha! Ryan



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