Real-Time Fantasy Football Rank Updates

Introducing Real-Time FPL Rank by

Written by @PremierFPLTools

Real-Time Rank and Points

The engineering team at PFT have put together some awesome tech to bring the FPL community extremely accurate real-time ranks. See your updated FPL rank and points even while the gameweek is still in progress! The tool breaks down the points by showing you how many are coming from your starting 11, bonus points, and auto-substitutions. Unlike the official site, you get the data and points in real-time and don’t have to wait several hours until after the last fixture of the day. Real-Time Rank is available for the top 2 million teams.

Player Points and Bonus Points

Visualize your team and quickly scan for base point and bonus point contributions. Each player card gives you a quick summary of gameweek performance including real-time bonus points even while games are still in progress. Player status also indicates if the player is yet to play or has already participated in their fixture.


Real-time bench and captain substitutions

Unlike the official site’s rankings which only include bench and captain subs hours after the final game of the week, the Real-Time Rank tool incorporates substitutions as soon as possible. If your captain’s fixture is complete and they did not participate, the autosub algorithm considers the vice captain’s contribution. Similarly, when any of your starting 11 don’t participate in their fixtures, the algorithm will sub-in players from your bench. All subs are completed using the same rules as the official game, you will just get your total points and rank much earlier!


The tool is available at It is also available on the PremierFantasyTools progressive web app for easy access on your mobile device. You can easily add the app via

After many years of inconsistent and sub-par performance in Fantasy Premier League, a group of friends got together to create a suite a proprietary tools to get a leg up on the competition in a systematic and repeatable way.

Premier Fantasy Tools was born from a need to be competitive in fantasy football leagues without spending onerous amounts of time doing analysis. Our approaches are non-traditional and innovative and give us the edge to stay ahead of the competition. We felt the urge to share these great tools and strategies with a wider audience, and hence Premier Fantasy Tools was born.

You will find tools here that you will find nowhere else.

Our Mission

  • To give fantasy football managers the tools to succeed in competitive leagues
  • To be the first to deliver new tools that provide innovative analysis
  • To “one-up” existing tools to give our users the competitive edge


Our team is comprised of software engineers, testers, and product designers (all of which are football lovers and fantasy geeks!). This diverse set of skills makes for well-built, well-tested, and well-designed tools that delight fantasy football managers!

We hope you enjoy using our tools. If you have any suggestions or feedback, or simply need to get in touch, visit our Contact Us page. Alternatively you can email us at


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