The Fantasy Football Review: Gameweek 1

FPL GW1 Review

Written by @JackAGoodwin

We did it guys, look at us. We got through GW1 without any crazy covid-related issues to deal with (famous last words, I know). And with the transfer window still open, our teams are a wildcard away from being finalized I am sure with the arrival of 4 more teams into our squads come GW2 (unless of course you were big-brained about it).

It’s good to be back…So let’s jump in to the review for GW1…

Fulham 0-3 Arsenal

We kicked off the 20/21 season with a balls-out performance from the Gunners. Fulham still very much tucked up, ironically then dropping the ball in all the wrong places allowing Arsenal to pounce quicker than the UK to a McDonalds brekkie after a 4-month enforced hiatus.

Fulham’s much picked Mitrovic likely slapped the kit man pre-game and was sent to the bench missing out on the starting 11 which, on paper, looks very naff indeed.

Cue, Arsenal.

Ripe for the taking, Arsenal looked confident in victory with several standout performances spearheaded by Chelsea fall guy Willian who bagged all 3 assists for Auba, Laca and Gabby (new nickname). Gabby (Gabriel) shone on his debut with a goal, clean sheet and all 3 bonus points.

The only concern for FPL managers at this stage is of course whether Auba can become the main attacking threat going forward – very much second fiddle to those around him in this one.

Note/ Arteta’s haircut still looks like Lego.

Crystal Palace 1-0 Southampton

Who’d have thought, right? Shucks for all of you! Palace not only beat the Saints who looked promising, but they took a clean sheet to boot. Wilfy Zaha with the single goal of the game in which he looked the bright spark for Palace – much like a dodgy curry on a Friday night, everything went through him.

What didn’t go through was any attempt at Palace’s net – Guaita with 5 saves, 3 bonus points and a mug little face after 90mins.

Heavily tipped to be the new AWB, £4m priced Mitchell instantly rewarding those who punted early with clean sheet points and funds to spread into the crazily overpriced midfield selection headache we all now face with the arrival of City and United in GW2.

Ings on the other hand struggled, very worrying for those who shelled out the big bucks for him pre-season. McCarthy was also heavily invested in and returned just the 2 points, but as a £4.5m set-n’-forget keeper these things will happen.

Note/ For the entire 90mins it did appear that Wilfy Zaha was moments away from bursting into tears, although, maybe it’s just his face? We cannot confirm.

Liverpool 4-3 Leeds

As Alan Partridge would say, liquid football. For the neutrals anyway! A 7-goal thriller at Anfield was just what we all wanted to see, which was the complete reverse of the 4-3 win for Leeds at Elland Road in November 2000 (a 4-goal return for Mark Viduka himself!).

This time, it was Liverpool with 4, a Mo Salah hattrick rewarding the hundreds of thousands (if not millions? Too lazy to check) managers who popped the captain’s armband on him. Sure 2 goals were pens, but hey, Bruno Penandes, right? (Kettle. Black.)

Surprisingly quiet however was TAA, ridiculously priced with 0 attacking returns whatsoever is disappointing – especially with VVD bagging a goal and Robertson an assist. Still, 37 GameWeeks to go, you’ll be sure that the FPL elites will stick with their man for the foreseeable.

Also quiet was the ever-present Mane who looks certainly second fiddle to Mo in FPL with Mo on the all-important penalty duty.

Leeds, bloody Leeds. They’re back. Emerging back into the Premier League as discreet as Ainsley Harriet popping round to surprise a little old lady called Jill whilst wielding a large pan. On writing, I see Mr Bamford has already risen to the dizzy heights of £5.6m in FPL after his goal return. Klich & Harrison with the other 2 goals which are still being assessed really, scoring against Liverpool is brilliant, sure, but not convincing enough to bring them in just yet. Relax y’all.

Note/ As a Man United fan this fixture was an emotional rollercoaster.

West Ham 0-2 Newcastle

David Moyes & Steve Bruce. Two Man United legends in their own definition, 1 on 1. A textbook uninspiring Moyes team fell short to a revitalized Toon Army who are slowly turning into Bournemouth v.2 but much more northern and likeable.

Ex-Cherry Wilson opened the encounter after a pretty naff 1st half with Hendrick slotting in the knockout blow. Hendrick was the star after assisting Wilson’s first and scooping up the 3 bonus points.

Things look as bleak as Carole Baskin’s attempt at winning over public opinion over on Dancing With The Stars for West Ham who, are making headlines for all the wrong reasons recently with ownership issues being the hot topic. Can they turn it around at Arsenal? Very unlikely. Very likely however that it’s going to get worse before better for the bubble lovin’ Londoner’s.

/Note, Allan Saint-Maximin absolutely trolled the FPL world (no thanks to FPL Swe) into thinking he’d start the season banging in the assists, goals and wonderful headbands…2 out of 3 ain’t bad though, t’was a lovely headband.

West Brom 0-3 Leicester

West Brom are going down, aren’t they? (rhetorical)

With no Pukki in sight, the party has started early over in Leicester as Jamie Vardy bagged a brace and bonus points. New lad Castagne grabbed the 3rd goal in a convincing win over a West Brom side still being stopped at the Tesco checkouts because their shirts keep setting off all the barcode readers.

Literally not a player to mention of FPL interest from the Baggies, it’s very gloomy looking unless a few decent newbies stagger through the closing transfer door before it slams – probably wanting to escape as soon as they get to the Hawthorns and see literally no Premier League level player.

Leicester on the flip reverse are assembling a Blazin’ Squad ready for a jam-packed season (cracking 90’s boyband reference there). However, this was against West Brom – not a real measure of quality.

Vardy aside, you’ll struggle to find FPL value unless you’re confident on defender returns. We wait to see whether Maddison, Barnes & Perez can improve their medium quality 19/20 season into a large.

Tottenham 0-1 Everton

Huge investment in stadium. Massive Amazon endorsement allowing all-access to set up a “kickstart” season for Tottenham who really do need it. All FOR Nothing?

It appeared at first, we were seeing Spurs implode. Players plodding about not looking like they really care anymore whilst Jose hilariously uses English swear words on the sideline to all our delight.

But on closer inspection, was it more than Everton are actually a real, proper, functioning team looking to break into the top 6?

1-0 isn’t glamorous but look under the duvet and you’ll see that Everton bossed this game from start to finish. All new signings look decent, even James Rodriguez who has all FPL eyes lurking after this performance. It was DCL with the goal, Digne with the assist (obvs) – interestingly the BPS system awarded Lloris the most bonus points to a Spurs player, Davies next…then Dier…then Toby…. really not good for Son, Alli or Kane owners.

Is this a one-off? I am a Harry Kane owner myself and the temptation to instantly boot him out for Martial or punt on an immediate impact by Sergio Aguero is very real.

Everton I will keep an eye one, as will most of you. T’was a cracking result, one not many foresaw. Real nice fixtures coming up too. Are they the 19/20 Wolves in disguise?

Note/ Is it just me who thinks James Rodriguez looks slightly like Caitlyn Jenner? I’ll move on…

Sheffield United 0-2 Wolves

To answer my own question whether Everton are the 19/20 Wolves, yes. Because Wolves have evolved even further and look bloody good, don’t they?

Jiminez the beautiful wrist wrapped Mexican was a handful for Sheffield – is an understatement. Held up and attacked everything. He was on the wings, up front, defending, giving out foot rubs after the game – everywhere! Worth investing in if you can afford him, he looks nailed on to be a threat regardless of the opponent. Yes – I know ALL of this after one single game.

My differential Podence bagged an assist and looked real good for his £5.5m price tag overlapping with Jiminez throughout. Another tipped diff’ was Saiss who actually outperformed Jimmy if that was even possible. Clean sheet, goal, and all the bonus points.

With Man City up next, can Wolves perform as attack minded and positively? Here’s hoping!

The Blades looked rough and need a hell of a sharpening before they head to Villa otherwise the newly signed Grealish will run riot over less-than-convincing Aaron Ramsdale in the Sheffield nets. It was very much second-season syndrome as they couldn’t replicate even a moment of last season’s spark – all attackers looked tired…and angry.

Note/ Fun fact, Jack Grealish’ great-great-grandad Billy Garraty won the FA Cup in 1905 with Aston Villa.

Brighton 1-3 Chelsea

Anyone else not convinced yet?

Havertz looked a bit naff, but let’s not be too hasty – apparently Lampard said he saw some special moments from him. Must’ve done something like a triple bottle-flip in the changing rooms or something.

Werner brought in by most of the world after a kind £9.5m price tag grabbed as assist – well, I say assist…he fell over in the box and FPL rewarded him for his troubles.

It was in fact Jorginho who scored first, also assisting another. Meanwhile Zouma grabbed a goal which appeared to shock even himself with delight. Lastly Reece James, heavily tipped by a few FPL elite accounts rewarded those in the know with a goal + assist + bonus point combo delight of his own.

Ever since kicking off with his own manager, Kepa has had his bags packed. Even Chelsea fans would agree he is very much a liability that needs to go. Fun Fact #2, the worlds most loved “ITK” account Fabrizio Romano has gifted us already with the famous “Here We Go!” in terms of Chelsea signing a new keeper – with Mendy coming in from Rennes.

Brighton’s goal (from Trossard) I won’t put too much value on to be honest. Watching the game, they looked quick, and up for it, but just don’t have a real star in the making anywhere aside from young Lamptey who if form continues will have a huge price tag next summer. #Potential.

Note/ I am currently 11k in the WORLD. Please allow me this sentence to gloat a little bit, feels slightly strange and certainly will not last.

Till next time!

FPL GW1 Review


Written by Jack A. Goodwin -Follow him on Twitter @JackAGoodwin

Jack is an “alternative FPL writer” (Who knew, right?) looking for hidden tales behind the most obscure players, dark humour in the game and the creative storytelling to the most mundane of GameWeeks!He’s played the official game for over 7 years, running leagues throughout the offices of his day job.


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