Onto BGW27!

Written by Niall Hawthorne

GW27 Defender: Ben Mee, Burnley

A DGW for Burnley once more, who are riding high after swatting aside Brighton last weekend and showing signs that they just might get themselves out of the relegation zone. Which would be a travesty, obviously. 

However, in FPL we don’t care about things like that. We care about the fact that they are playing Crystal Palace and Leicester City this week, and it’s the Foxes fixture that has me salivating. 

We all know how bad Leicester City have been at defending set pieces this season, so the prospect of the Burnley Bruisers facing that defence…well, I’m backing Ben Mee to score at least once. 

GW27 Midfielder: James Ward-Prowse, Southampton

Southampton are a funny side, aren’t they? 

They produced Matt Le Tissier who was a world-beating baller who never left the South Coast, and never really fulfilled his potential at a higher level. 

Now they’ve produced James Ward-Prowse from their academy, who while not quite at the Matt Le Tissier level of skill (or conspiracy looniness) is a set-piece Don, almost certainly capable of playing at a higher level (indeed I’d argue he’s got David Beckham levels of quality surrounded by lesser players), and you wonder will he ever move on? 

Anyway, I digress. Norwich City at home this Friday night, and after 6 goals, 4 assists and breaking through the 100 pointbarrier last week, he’s too good to ignore this week. 

GW27 Forward: Harry Kane, Spurs

I love Harry Kane. 

Always have, always will. 

He’s a stand-up guy. A true gent. A scholar. The most handsome, intelligent man that has ever existed. Better than Pele, Messi and Maradona combined. 


If he really has found his mojo and wasn’t just showing his potential future employer what they could have won, then this weekend he plays Leeds, who are conceding goals at an alarming rate. 

GW27 Captain: Bruno Fernandes, Manchester United

Back-to-back goals for the first time this season, both returning double-digit hauls, it appears that the old Bruno is finally returning. 

A home game against Watford delivers huge promise for a third haul in a row. Now if Ralf could just jettison CR7 and let Bruno really do what he does best, everyone would be better off. 

GW27 Outsider: Riyad Mahrez, Manchester City

Less than 5% ownership, a fixture against an absolutely terrible Everton side, and an inevitable bounce-back from a City side that will be desperately looking over their shoulders at Liverpool marching towards them. 

He’s had his minutes managed since the AFCON, but I reckon he’s a lock to start here. 

Your move…


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