Glory Be! A Double Gameweek!

Written by Niall Hawthorne

The unique event in a season where you scour the Burnley squad because you actually want to put one or two of them into your team! How random! 

Onto DGW26! 

GW26 Defender: Kieran Tierney, Arsenal

Two games ahead this week, both at home, against Brentford and Wolves. 

Brentford have one goal in their last four away games. Wolves are more prolific, but aren’t exactly the top scorers in the league. 

Tierney is also in form with three clean sheets in his last four games, and six clean sheets in his last eight. 

Finally he has four attacking returns this season, has been picked when fit, and is owned by under 15% of players. 

GW26 Midfielder: Maxwel Cornet, Burnley

The start of a double double gameweek for the Clarets, who have four league games to play by March 1st. 

While pickings are slim amongst the ranks of the gravel-voiced master’s men, Cornet is the clear class act in the team with six goals to his name this season. 

Brighton and Spurs this week, and if you bring him in now, he’s facing Palace and Leicester next week.

GW26 Forward: Emmanuel Dennis, Watford

I’m clinging to the hope that his 14 attacking returns this season are evidence of class rather than form. 

If I’m right, then this week could prove the old maxim right, and with fixtures against Villa and Palace he’s the best attacking option for this week. 

I mulled over Edouard and Jimenez, but I just can’t see past Dennis this week. 

GW26 Captain: Mo Salah, Liverpool

Oh my…

Home games against Norwich City and Leeds United.

Liverpool are purring, strolling into the San Siro this week to slap Internazionale around, relentlessly chasing Manchester City down, and looking ahead to a Wembley final next weekend. 

If you have a Triple Captain chip, I’m struggling to see where and when you’d have a better option to play it. 

GW25 Outsider: Jadon Sancho, Manchester United

It’s now or never Jadon. 

Leeds and Watford in a DGW. Ownership of under 3%. Cost under £9m. If you can’t do it this week, will you ever do it? 

Your move…


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