Fantasy Football, Street Fighter II and Can Giraffes Walk Backwards?

This week I joined the guys from the Talkin Togga podcast @FantasyGaffer and @TalkinTogga to recap on Fantasy Football Gameweek 5.

Naturally they were keen to talk about legitimate fantasy topics such as Sergio Aguero, draft and waiver options, FPL wildcards and all round sensible topics. Naturally I was keen to talk about Street Fighter II, Giraffes walking backwards and future World Cup Winner Steve Davis from Northern Ireland.

All in 40 minutes of your life that whilst admittedly you won’t ever get back – you may enjoy if you like Fantasy Football for the Premier League.

Appreciate people listening – drop me a message on twitter @FantasyYIRMA if you have any questions you’d like us to read out on future episodes.

As always if you like the show feel free to rate and/or review either on Soundcloud, iTunes or whatever other format you find yourself using – always helps raise the profile.

Ryan @FantasyYIRMA


Last week I had the pleasure of joining Bournemouth Goalkeeper Asmir Begovic on his excellent Podcast – Season Of Sport.

Asmir was an absolute gentleman and we discussed a bit about our  FPL teams and how FantasyYIRMA came to be. Check out Season Of Sport on Twitter and listen to the podcast. Great show where each week they look at multiple sports ranging from F1 to Boxing to Snooker and everything in between!

Asmir is a big fantasy fan and has been playing across multiple sports for many years – great to see Premier League players highlighting and playing the game – can only help to increase exposure and interaction across FPL.

Episode 13: Football & Formula 1

Presenter Jake Humphrey speaks to Asmir about his thoughts on the start of the football season and talks about his passion-Formula 1. Plus, a fantasy football round-up with Ryan from FantasyYIRMA.


Straight talking sport podcast from a player’s perspective. Big name guests and top commentators join Asmir to talk everything from Formula 1 to horse racing, baseball to snooker.


Follow Asmir on twitter here and you can also follow the twitter account for the podcast Season Of Sports Here


Written by Ryan @FantasyYIRMA

FantasyYIRMA started in 2012 as one of the early Fantasy Football blog accounts focused primarily on news and previews for the Premier League.

Now after covering 195 consecutive Fantasy Premier League gameweeks we have a slight idea of what we’re talking about however feel we could’ve qualified as essentially anything else if the time had been spent more productively


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