Fantasy Football – Gameweek 3: Manchester United, West Ham and Leicester?

Always at this point of a new FPL season we see proclamations that what we’ve witnessed in GW1 and GW2 is a sure sign of things to come.

The die has been cast, the future is set, and nothing will change.

With that in mind I’d like to congratulate West Ham on winning the Premier League title, Brighton and Hove Albion on smashing 100 points in a season and best of luck to Arsenal in the Championship next season.

Do you see what I’m getting at here? Good.

Onto GW3!

Written by Mr. @NiallHathorne



Defender: Luke Shaw, Manchester United

There are a few defenders in my thoughts this week.

Any Spurs defender playing a Watford side that did the now-patented brilliant first week followed by second week reality check. Spurs have yet to concede this season you know!

Any Aston Villa defender against Brentford, who drew a blank in GW2 and may be coming to the startling realisation that the Arsenal defence they faced in GW1 may not be the standard premier league defence they’ll face each week!

However, I’m going for Luke ‘Last Chance Saloon’ Shaw, a defender still in over 50% of FPL sides as I type. His start to the season has been frustrating for his owners with no clean sheet yet, however a sly two bonus points in GW2 means hope springs eternal. This week he is facing a Wolves side without a goal so far this season and may have Varane next to him for his debut.

Put it this way – it’s either a clean sheet, goal or assist, or the big heave-ho over the International Break, right?


Midfielder: Harvey Barnes, Leicester City

Yet another ordering one more shot of tequila in the last-chance saloon for many of us, this will be the real test as to whether Harvey Barnes is the real deal this season.

Unfortunately, thanks to Ayoze Perez deciding to stamp on his opponent in GW2, we didn’t get a real chance to see what Barnes could have done in that game, but an away fixture against a newly promoted side that has been pummelled relentlessly since the season began is the perfect acid test.

You’ve dropped in price Harvey, time to increase the value of your asset.


Forward: Michail Antonio, West Ham United

Three goals. Three assists. Two games.

We may as well all enjoy it until the inevitable happens and his hamstring pops again, right?

Palace at home. As Hammers fans would say: ‘Ave it. ‘Ave it large.


Captain: Bruno Fernandes, Manchester United

City are playing Arsenal at home, but any of their players may start/not start, so that’s a gamble for later in the season when/if you’re desperate.

Liverpool face Chelsea, so Salah, TAA, Lukaku, Alonso et al could play out the classic ‘Top-6’ turgid risk-free game with a 1-1 score that leaves everyone unsatisfied and unfulfilled.

So, it’s United away to Wolves, and a chance for Bruno to redeem himself after last week’s 1-point shambles.


Outsider: Gabriel Jesus, Manchester City

This is the slot where we pick a punt, a player owned by less than 5% of FPL teams and who may, but probably won’t, yield returns.

Jesus is here due to an ownership of less than 5% (4% as you ask), but prone to Pep Roulette. However, if he does start….lads, it’s Arsenal.

You could be shouting ‘JESUS’. Arsenal fans could be shouting ‘JESUS’. Neutrals could be shouting ‘JESUS’. Only @FantasyYIRMA will be reading this shouting ‘CHRIST!’.

Your move…


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