Manchester United, Liverpool and Spurs Fresh for the Weekend?

Gameweek 5 Preview: Fantasy Premier League #FPL

Written by @FantasyGaffer

You can read the FantasyYIRMA Gameweek 4 Review HERE

It’s revenge games all weekend long. Llorente returns to Swansea; Rooney plays Manchester United, Lukaku plays Everton in addition to the other examples we’re forgetting.

If you haven’t listened to YIRMA himself, Ryan was a guest on Asmir Begovic’s Podcast, Season of Sports and roundly embarrased himself by not managing a single on-air profanity. Perhaps as we near No. 200 we’re all feeling our age a bit. (Ed. I let the side down big style)

Defender: Ben Davies, Tottenham

This isn’t just a response to last weekend’s fine performances from Kieran Trippier and Ben Davies. It’s mostly that. But it’s also the idea that Serge Aurier and Danny Rose will soon be the first-choice defenders for Poch and FPL managers need to capitalize on the points that Davies will provide in those fleeting moments of his fantasy relevance.

A goal and two assists in his first four matches this season likely represent better than 25% of the totals he’ll finish the year with. But Swansea are not good at football, Spurs like to play at a lively pace, and Spurs should put them away early leaving the fullbacks free to attack at will.

Midfielder: Marouane Fellaini, Manchester United

If you think we’re picking Wayne Rooney as forward you’re as daft as he is bald. The true revenge game is Fellaini facing his former club in front of a fanbase who remind him at every touch that he should have been sold this summer.

Pogba is crocked for a month (unofficially) and Herrera, Mata and Sideshow Fel will be rotating in to take his minutes. But Mou is nothing if not crafty and he’ll have identified that the Toffees lack anyone who can sufficiently mark the gangly Belgium. 73′ played, a yellow card, a goal and 1 BPS. Job done.

Forward: Roberto Firmino, Liverpool

You can have your Gabriel Jesuses, your Sergio Agueroes, your Harry Kaneoes. Firmino may have missed a penalty and cost his side a vital home win to open their first Champions League campaign since Ben Woodburn learned to walk, but…there’s a silver lining in there somewhere. It’s likely the idea that Burnley reverted to Classic Burnley last weekend which means they’ll get run ragged on the road.

This will be a Liverpool 4-1 win with a brace from Firmino as he rekindles his on-field love affair with Phil Coutinho. [You’re going to take Lukaku against Everton. Of course you are, but at least consider Firmino as your FWD2]

Captain: Philippe Coutinho, Liverpool

He’s back. Coutinho will start. He’ll assist at least one goal. He’ll score at least one goal. He’ll look so good you’ll never believe he was injured as recently as last week. If you’re not fully onboard with Phil there are plenty of choice matchups elsewhere. Your Jesusses, your Agueroess, your Kaneoeoes. But they’re all heavily owned and will be heavily captained given the matchups against Watford and Swansea.

This is the move which sets right that terrible decision you made to use the WC over the break. Turns out selling KDB, Kane and Eriksen was a bit short-sighted.

(Ed: If Coutinho does not start please tweet @FantasyGaffer directly)

Outsider: Matt Ritchie, Newcastle

Assists in consecutive matches for Championship Fantasy Darling (TM) Matt Ritchie have him in “good form”. “Good form” is a concept the author of this column 100% buys into for easy narrative choices while writing this column.

Ritchie will have ample opportunity to provide against a Potters team which has managed a single cleansheet in four (against Arsenal). Newcastle are no Arsenal; expect them to breach the otherwise unimpeachable Stoke defense and – when they do – expect Ritchie Rich to be the provider.

Draft: Anthony Martial, Manchester United

Martial has been quite good when having limited minutes, been less valuable when starting from the start. In FPL draft leagues (we’re playing Togga FPL Draft) the Stoke match was the first time he did not break double-digits. Paul Pogba will not be starting after suffering a Champions League injury.

Martial is rated a midfielder in the OFPL but in draft leagues he’s rated a forward and he’ll be pressing the attack behind Romelu Lukaku and will be able to fill up the draft score sheet with several successful take-ons, a handful of key passes and is good value for a goal or assist (or both).




John (aka FantasyGaffer) has been playing fantasy sports for more than a decade.

An avid supporter of Liverpool since the days of the Spice Boys, he has earnestly worn a white suit on multiple occasions. You’ll find his work on fantasy draft site PlayTogga.

Prior to joining Togga, he wrote for EPLIndex,, BackPageFootball and his own site, FantasyGaffer.


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  1. grossartigetechnik

    Great article – have to agree with u Davies and Firmino. Coutniho and Fellani… not so sure but that;s the fun of FF

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