The Debate: Jesus vs Zlatan, Alli vs Eriksen and Chocolate Hob Nobs

New Podcast – GW12 Review – Chocolate Job Nob

“After destroying John’s (@FantasyGaffer)team in a GW12 H22, MikeP (@TalkinTogga) revels in glorious victory while Ryan returns to talk United’s fortunes with Pogback, is Callum Wilson a one week wonder and the introduction of new Q & A Section ‘Draft or Daft’.”

This week we look at questions submitted such as

  • Jesus vs Zlatan
  • Alli vs Eriksen
  • Hob Knobs vs Kit Kats
  • Vincent Kompany or Nelson Vivas
  • Alexis Sanchez/2 Premium Forwards vs 3 Premium Forwards
  • Who is better looking – Harry Kane or Alvaro Morata?

Again – thanks to those who have recently started listening to this podcast – so many good podcasts out there – GafferTapes, AlwaysCheating, WGTA, FFMag, Surgery and many many more.

We try and cover fantasy football from both a FPL and Draft perspective and my own role is typically to distract the guys by throwing in nonsense regarding biscuits, pizza’s or dishwasher repairs whilst they try and decide between genuine player queries.

If you want to get involved as always drop me a tweet to @FantasyYIRMA

Many Thanks!





Informative Fantasy Football nonsense as some of the finest minds in fantasy join host John Wallin, MikeP and FantasyYIRMA to talk Togga, PXI and The Official Premier League Fantasy game.


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