Arsenal’s Monreal with a 30 Minute Messi Impersonation: Fantasy Football Podcast

Bang Average Podcast:

Fantasy Football insight and elite level nonsense as some of the finest minds in fantasy join host John Wallin, MikeP and FantasyYIRMA to talk Togga, PXI and The Official Premier League Fantasy game.

Week 24 Review: Trade Away, Trade Away, Trade Away

This week John bangs on about matches that aren’t going to happen, Ryan forgets the magnificent ‘Trade Away’ segment jingle and Mike watches football instead of paying attention. They also talk Monreal’s unreal 30 minutes, Watford’s managerial merri-go-round and Brighton’s record breaking striker.

Listen to the show:


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Soundcloud : is a site focused on Fantasy Football news, views & gameweek previews for the English Premier League


People often ask ” What does YIRMA mean? “

Ridiculous ideas are often a result of consumption of large quantities of alcohol… FantasyYIRMA was no different.

“I need a name for the mini-league”

“the what??”

“the fantasy league, we have to give it a name”

“I haven’t got a ******* clue. Sure name it after Yir Ma!”


I think it’s fair to say, that if you had told me would still be running 5 years after it started I would have chuckled immensely… but it has… we have… and as both the twitter (@FantasyYIRMA ) account and website have continued to grow, it genuinely is a pleasure to be involved in the ridiculously brilliant world of Fantasy Football.

The interaction online from #FPL fans across the world has been fantastic! Our goal now is the same as it was from day one – to try and provide interesting and quality (ish) insight and to help create as much interaction around the game as possible. Simply watching the evolution of the game over the past few years as the level of interest continues to grow has been fascinating.

Best of Luck to everyone for the 2017/18 season from us at FY!




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