Don’t Captain Liverpool’s Salah – Go with Bournemouth???


Forward – Callum Wilson, Bournemouth

The Cherries are in a bit of a rotation at the moment, with Junior Stanislas’ minutes notably shifting from 28′ to 70′ to 58′ over the last three GW. The rotation has not impacted Callum Wilson who has hit 90′ in six of the last seven (84′ in the other), scoring 4g, 2a in that span. He’s also picked up 7BPS in that span while twice earning the full 3BPS – handing him 12 pts in both GW23 and GW25. Newcastle and Leicester are next up after Huddersfield making the 9.6% selected forward a deeply discounted option with massive upside. You might not want to hand him the armband, but I have.

Riskier pick? I keep putting Chicharito in these columns but his ownership hasn’t gone up much. The West Ham forward has two goals and an assist in the last three. 7.2% selected with a difficult closing run (Hammers face LFC, Burnley, Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Man City over the next nine), but he gets Watford this weekend with Swansea in GW29.

Captain – Sergio Aguero, Manchester City

It’s no great stretch to select Kun at home against Leicester. That City failed to score more against Burnley is hardly surprising. As I noted on Twitter, the Clarets have allowed 2+ goals just five times all season.

(ED: Someone RT him please)

That is not true for the Foxes who have allowed 35 goals (to Burnley’s 23) including 2+ on twelve occasions, while also giving up goals in bunches including four to Arsenal on opening day. Just seven clean sheets for Kasper Schmeichel and company is not likely to be added to in this one. Kun has scored in 12 of 21 League appearances and has 17g already en route to another 20-goal campaign.

Riskier Pick – See also: Wilson, Callum

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