Liverpool, Manchester City and Arsenal Make the Preview???

FPL Gameweek 20 & 21 Preview from @NiallHawthorne


Things that never stop rotating: The Earth and Premier League Teams at this time of year.

While the rotation of the Earth guarantees that night follows day, the rotation of Premier League teams guarantees sod all.

That’s the most scientific way of saying I haven’t a bobbins this week so caveat emptor and all that. Onto to tips for GW20 and GW21 (because if you think I’m writing two previews, you can sod off. I’m far, far too drunk for too long to even try it).


GW20 & 21 Defender: James Tarkowski, Burnley

Two home fixtures against Manchester United and Aston Villa loom on the horizon for Burnley and Sean Dyche. The Burnley gaffer won’t need much help in working out the required tactics against Manchester United, so a deep lying defensive display laced with long balls to Barnes/Wood is on the cards (it’s never off the cards to be fair).

With seven clean sheets, a goal and two assists so far this season Tarkowski may (and I stress may) be the one rotation proof player for Burnley in defence. Throw in a fixture against a struggling Villa side, and you can’t go far wrong by backing the Clarets here, particularly if you’re picking your team pickled on the stuff.







GW20 & 21 Midfielder: Raheem Sterling, Manchester City

Considering the amount of FPL players that built their sides around Sterling and Salah last August, it’s a little strange to see that less than 1 in 4 FPL players now have Sterling in their squad. While he’s not quite a differential, he’s certainly going to make a difference to your overall rank if he bangs and you have him in.

City face two home fixtures against Sheffield United and Everton. While the Blades are unbeaten away from home, they haven’t faced anything like City at The Etihad yet. I’m sure Carlo Ancelotti will be looking forward to pitting his tactical wits against Pep, but the problem he has is that he only has Everton players at his disposal. The poor fella.

So in summary, City to win twice in quick succession and Sterling to add to his nine goals and two assists this season.


GW20 & 21 Forward: Jamie Vardy, Leicester City

This is a very obvious pick, but sometimes there’s a reason why it’s obvious. Duh! .

In his last five away games in the Premier League, Vardy has EIGHT goals and two assists. That’s frankly obscene away form, as home sides feel pressured to have a go and leave themselves wide open to the Leicester front five to tear into them.

Leicester travel to West Ham and Newcastle this week. West Ham have been as defensively reliable as, well, West Ham. When you are ‘having’ to select a goalkeeper that you’ve dropped like a hot snot, and your own manager is having to talk him up by referring to his ‘great career’, you know there are problems ahead. Vardy must be licking his lips.


GW20 & 21 Captain: Mo Salah, Liverpool

Liverpool are unbeaten at Anfield in the league for a very long time, and face two home games this week against Wolves and Sheffield United. What makes this selection so imperative is the fact that Liverpool’s games are spread further apart than almost everyone else, as they’ll play on Sunday and then Thursday, which Klopp has previously confirmed as being enough time for players to recover, injury permitting.

Salah is off the back of double digit hauls in GW’s 16 and 17 with three goals and an assist. As mentioned earlier, he also joins Raheem Sterling in being owned by less than 1 in 4 FPL players. If I’m right and he hauls with the armband on, you’ll be entering 2020 with green arrows.


GW20 & 21 Outsider: Alexandre Lacazette, Arsenal 

A world class finisher owned by under 2%.

Two home games against defences that are proven to be fallible.

Back in favour with a brand new manager.

This could be a real differential for you to take into the New Year.


GW20 & 21 Draft: Antonio Rudiger, Chelsea

Chelsea have been questionable defensively this season, but the main reason given for that has been the absence of this man. With an ownership of just 0.2%, and a return to fitness, early movers could reap the rewards with Rudiger.


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