Liverpool, Manchester United and Christian Benteke (Yep) Make the Preview

The Gameweek 35+ Preview

Written by Niall Hawthorne.


If you thought that the pace of FPL GW’s was incessant in recent weeks, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Saturday marks the beginning of TWELVE CONSECUTIVE DAYS OF PREMIER LEAGUE ACTION that will encompass THREE GW’S!

Never fear however as we won’t miss a beat and will guide you through it all with our usual mix of outrageously accurate tips, political commentary, cutting humour and sage advice.

The overtime bill heading to @FantasyYIRMA towers is enormous, but I’m sure he’ll be as consistent as ever in his treatment of his employees.




GW35+ Defender: Matt Doherty, Wolverhampton Wanderers   

An intriguing battle at Molineux this weekend as Nuno Espirito Santo (almost certain I learned that prayer in school) takes on Carlo ‘The People’s Eyebrow’ Ancelotti. The master v apprentice.

You’ve also got the tasty clash of two of FPL’s most renowned defensive assets: Doherty v Digne. Both like to get forward and both clock up more than their fair share of assists and goals as a result. They’ll be on the same flank as each other for this one, passing each other like ships in the night. This could get tasty.

I’m backing Wolves to shake off the crushing disappointment of their injury time concession to Sheffield United and I fancy Doherty to hit double-digits this weekend, for the SIXTH time this season.


GW35+ Midfielder: Sadio Mane, Liverpool

If anybody thought that Herr Jurgen Norbert Klopp was going to put his feet up, play the kids and bask in the adulation of being the greatest human being in history, they were sorely mistaken.

I believe him when he says that he’s not thinking about getting 104 points, purely because I also believe him when he says he wants three points from every game he plays, simple as that. He gave young Neco Williams a run on Wednesday, and promptly hooked him at half-time as he was getting a bit of a roasting. Three points up for grabs, y’see?

Everyone’s favourite Senegalese footballer Sadio Mane had a rest on Wednesday, with just a late trout out to shake off the rust. This man is so humble he makes Ghandi look like Donald Trump, and I reckon he’s going to explode at Anfield against Sean Dyche and his grizzled, gnarly, monochromatic side.


GW35+ Forward: Jamie Vardy, Leicester City

I’ll admit that this is along the same lines as my Harry Kane tip in GW34+, and that didn’t really work out due to the fact that VAR is hilariously rubbish, Mourinho is a busted flush and Harry Kane is broken beyond all description.

Leicester City have been stumbling of late, but Vardy is back among the goals. The golden boot race is well and truly on, and there are rumours that the winner will be announced by Coleen Rooney. Jamie would like nothing more than to hear the words “It’s…………..Jamie Vardy”.



GW35+ Captain: Bruno Fernandes, Manchester United       

This is getting silly now, and Fernandes is making a rod for his own back.

There’s no way he can keep up this pace of goals and assists going into next season, and as with everything in modern society, when he even slows slightly, he’s going to get pilloried from all and sundry.

Sod next season though, we should never look a gift horse in the mouth. It’s smelly.

Fernandes. Captain. Lock. Forget.


GW35+ Outsider: Christian Benteke, Crystal Palace         

Purely based on the football god’s having a wicked sense of humour.

Of course Benteke is going to turn from Crystal Palace laughing stock into Villa Legend of Old at Villa Park this Sunday.

For it is written.





Written by Niall Hawthorne.

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