Fantasy Football Review: Manchester United – the most in-form team in the Premier League??

Gameweek 32+33+34+ Review

Written by @JackAGoodwin


Six Things from the last few Gameweeks… (Ed: You did seven)

  1. The Aubameyang Yoyo
  • After 3 straight blank GW’s after the restart most gave up on him much like Ozil with his footballing career. Then straight out of Randy Orton’s playbook Auba came back outta nowhere! 16pts, 2pts, 8pts in the last 3 – that 2-point blip against Wolves in a tough match.
  • Next up for Auba is Spurs who are hilariously starring in the upcoming All or Nothing Amazon special, surely a big scoring game for Arsenal if they choose to turn up.
  • Arsenal are confusing, the most in-form players are the lowly priced Saka (4.7m) and Martinez (4.3m) outside of Auba…Laca, Pepe & Ozil are unbelievably inconsistent and managers will be confidently ignoring them for the foreseeable, especially with Spurs and Liverpool next.


  1. Ole’s At The Wheel
  • Manchester United. Statistically, the most in-form team in the Premier League. I for one never thought I would have the pleasure of writing that anytime soon.
  • Bruno’s arrival has revitalized the United lads! Pogba suddenly connecting with every pinged pass, Martial cracking a smile and smashing the back of the net, Greenwood (only 18 didn’t ya know) becoming one of England’s biggest hopes since Harry Kane circa 2018. And, of course, AWB still tackling everyone in sight. The lads look up for it.
  • 3rd place now very much in their sights should Chelsea slip up at any moment, United can now convincingly seal their Champions League ticket next season should they win out every game (one including Leicester).
  • The only negative of sorts, is Rashford. Sure, he is a fantastic person, great, did loads during lockdown to not slate him as much as we should be doing perhaps. But c’mon…1 goal and 2 assists in the last 5 games is not good enough. The less pricey (and midfield FPL positioned) Martial looks the better if not the wonderkid himself RVP/Greenwood.


  1. Sir Danny Ings of Golden Bootsville
  • 19 goals for a Southampton side who have managed 43 in total is fantastic, he’s the only man really supplying. The second highest scorer is Ward-Prowse with 5, then Armstrong & Redmond with 4 – then we’re on to rogue goals from the others.
  • Ings is essential to Southampton who, Man United aside, have a lovely last 3 GW’s to wrap up the season and try and give Sir Ings all the assists they can of which it’s taken 15 players to give out the 34 in total.
  • Ings has taken all 3 bonus points in 3 of the last 5 appearances. For 7.4m he’s a steal, as 27.6% of managers already know.


  1. Taxes. De Bruyne Assist.
  • 21 for the season (only 3 so far since the restart), Kevin just loves to help people. His closest rival is scouse wonderkid TAA with 14. Kevin is worlds apart. Hampered somewhat by the productivity of David Silva when he’s on the pitch but overall the unquestionable assist King of the Prem. With 2nd place all but secure and the incoming Champions League Summer Tournament – will Pep rest KDB? Is match fitness essential?
  • Can Kevin beat the record for most ever assists in a season…Yes…He already has. 20 was the record set by Thierry Henry back in 2002-03!
  • What are City fighting for now? Perhaps with the restart of the 2020-21 season only a month away, then form NOW is important for then.


  1. The Cherries Have Popped.
  • Times are tough down on the south coast. With no crowds, it appears the players just haven’t had any real inspiration from anywhere and are looking down the barrel of relegation (alongside almost certain “relegatees” Norwich).
  • The most “in-form” and I use that term very loosely, player for Bournemouth is Stanislas with a form of 2.8 points per game (ppg) over the last 5. That’s the HIGHEST form player. Both Stanislas and King sit on 2.8ppg with the GK Ramsdale next with 2.4ppg. only 5 players in total have a ppg over 2 points. Bournemouth are really bad.
  • Not forgetting Norwich of course. Buendia shares the same “high” with 2.8ppg and in fact only 3 players (including Krul) have a ppg above 2.
  • If you have Bournemouth OR Norwich, probably best you bench them, transfer out or (like many of us) say f’it because the season is a write off at this point anyway!


  1. In Forms ‘R’ Us
  • Take your pick really, there’s an abundance of form players over the last few GW’s.
  • Star man of course Bruno Fernandes with a high 11.2ppg only so “low” because of the 3 points scored against Sheffield. He is – by far – the best player is FPL right now, outshining the lies of Salah and KDB in terms of FPL return. 5 double digit returns in his last 8 games is phenominal, even more so as a £9m midfielder.
  • With a ppg of 9.2, Willian is the 2nd most inform player in FPL. With 4 double digit returns in the last 6 games, and huge pressure to secure Champions League from the Chelsea board – Willian is shining, his 9 goals now the most he’s ever scored in a single season, only 2 assists away from his record 10 from the 15/16 season.
  • Martial shares the same ppg as Willian, and if you’re doubling – if not tripling – up on United attackers then Martial is likely one of them.
  • KDB, standard.
  • Pulisic, who since the restart has almost restarted his career it seems with hugely impressive returns. The American pushing further forward than ever before in an impressive Chelsea team. (well, midfield wise anyway).
  • Lastly, Mo Salah. FPL darling. Golden Boot chaser. Mo is hitting real form, at the right time. An 18pt return against Brighton is just lovely and a showing of what he’s as we all know capable of. 4 games left, a few records still to beat for Liverpool, will Klopp go hell for leather and attack attack attack?!


  1. The End Is Near
  • It’s been the longest Premier League on record, unprecedented world events have ruptured our beautiful game in to two distinct halves. Pre & post lockdown. Prior to Covid, Liverpool were well on course for the title, City in form and Sheffield & Wolves knocking very loudly on the top-six door challenging encouragingly for European football next season. Post-Lockdown, Liverpool are champions which was inevitable, Man City appears to have eased off the gas somewhat and unfortunately the Sheffield & Wolves European charge has ran flat – both sides now realistically only aiming for Europa League. Challenging for that 3rd & 4th spot now are Chelsea, Leicester and Man United. 2 of which are very in form at the moment – the other being Leicester. Can Leicester hold off the hugely impressive charge from United? Especially with both to play one another still. Chelsea could easily slip with trips to Liverpool & Wolves still on the run in. A thrilling few weeks awaits as the top 4 is still very much wide open to a few.
  • At the bottom, Norwich have returned from the break knackered, bruised, ready for the Championship. 10 points from safety with 4 games to go is daunting. Villa & Bournemouth are 4 & 3 points from safety with Watford and West Ham hovering unconvincingly above the drop zone. Some key games remaining still as West Ham host Norwich this weekend and Watford the game after and Villa last! Meanwhile Bournemouth have little hope with Leicester, Man City, Ings FC & Everton remaining.



Written by Jack A. Goodwin -Follow him on Twitter @JackAGoodwin

Jack is an “alternative FPL writer” (Who knew, right?) looking for hidden tales behind the most obscure players, dark humour in the game and the creative storytelling to the most mundane of GameWeeks!He’s played the official game for over 7 years, running leagues throughout the offices of his day job.


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