Sergio Aguero, Donald Trump and Homer Simpson make the Fantasy Preview.

Gameweek 11: #FPL Preview – Written by @NiallHawthorne

It’s been a huge week for @FantasyYIRMA since our last column. No, we weren’t successful @BlogAwardsIE (we did get more votes to be the next President of Ireland than Gavin Duffy…), but there has been some other pretty significant news.

Yes, dear readers, @FantasyYIRMA is now officially a FantasyYIRDA!!!

How he convinced someone to procreate with him will remain a mystery, but as they’ve been saying in the House of Commons for over two years “It’s too late now! No going back! Nothing will ever be the same again!” Which is what most of you also said when you pressed your ‘Wildcard’ button a few weeks back, and that worked out well, right?

(ED: Couple of things – Firstly, thank you to Niall and Tori for attending the Blog Awards last week on my behalf – much appreciated.

Secondly and more importantly, I was blown away by the well wishes on the arrival of my daughter this week. The Little Lady is now officially the boss and will have an FPL team set up for GW12. Thanks Again, Ryan @FantasyYIRMA)


Defender: Aymeric Laporte, Manchester City

Other Manchester City defenders have attracted significantly more attention through their assists or their social media presence (I’m looking at you Benjamin), but did you know that Laporte is outscoring both Mendy and Walker, despite being over £0.5m cheaper than both? He’s also got an ownership of under 10% despite being the only ‘Pep-Roulette’ proof defender in the City ranks this season. Quite simply he’s the most cost-effective route into the meanest defence in the game, and he’s coming off the back of six consecutive six-point hauls.

A home fixture against a Southampton side who are firing more blanks than Donald Trump in an X-Rated Western should see his run of six sixes surge to seven. Say that ten times fast when drinking, I dare you.

Midfielder: Ross Barkley, Chelsea

I’m not one for chasing points in FPL, I’m really not. It’s an easy habit to fall into and it only ever ends in heartbreak, frustration and restraining orders (23 and counting!!!). However, when watching the highlights of the Burnley v Chelsea match while absent-mindedly weeping over my FPL team, I couldn’t help but notice that young Barkley is under 5% owned, under £6.0m in price, has three goals and three assists in his last three scoring 36 points and is surely untouchable right now in the starting line-up.

He faces a Crystal Palace side who shouldn’t be a match for the rampaging Stamford Bridge outfit who did obscene things to Burnley last Sunday. Most bandwagons should be avoided, but this is such a cheap punt that it must be worth it. All aboard!


Forward: Marko Arnautovic, West Ham United

The Claret and Blues clash with the Claret and Blues this Saturday and Arnie should be back. Well, he always says that, doesn’t he?

I’ll level with you here, when I was preparing this column (and by preparing, I mean writing my tips down on a yellow post-it note while chomping down a sandwich at lunchtime) I was struggling to come up with any viable tips outside of the screamingly obvious ones this weekend. It’s a real mish-mash of ‘meh v bleh’ or ‘decent v decent’, thereby the usual suspects for tips cancel each other out. However, Burnley have conceded nine goals in their last two games, and eleven goals in their last four, so a trip to the London Stadium to take on a refreshed Arnautovic should cause them problems.

The Hammers have been very strong at home in recent weeks, with four points taken from their last three against Chelsea, Manchester United and Spurs. They’ll be relieved that it’s not a Top-6 ranked opponent this time, and could cut loose as a result.

Or not. Now where did I put my sandwich?


Captain: Sergio Aguero, Manchester City

Sergio Aguero’s FPL returns this season so far have been like that scene in The Simpsons where Homer is weighing himself on the scales which fluctuate wildly before landing on a final number…

Away from home it’s been consistently ‘D’oh!’

At home it’s been consistently ‘Woo Hoo!’

This week he faces a rotten Southampton side. Woo, and indeed, Hoo.


Outsider: Michail Antonio, West Ham United

400 minutes played this season at an average of 40 minutes per match. No goals. No assists.

But I followed my gut on Junior Stanislas in a similar situation a few weeks ago, and it paid off.

So, trust me on Antonio.

(ED: Someone genuinely, once asked me where I find time for in depth statistical analysis, OH how I laughed)


Draft: Jose Heriberto Izquierdo Mena, Brighton

Five goals and five assists last season, hampered by injury at the start of this season, but back in the starting line-up and eager to make up for lost time with an assist already to his name.

Why should you listen to me? Well, I tipped Kiko Femenia in this slot last week and he racked up 12 points thanks to a clean sheet and assist. Your call hotshot.



Written by Niall Hawthorne.

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