Jose Mourinho Gone – Manchester United Player in the Preview: Coincidence??

Gameweek 18: #FPL Preview – Written by @NiallHawthorne

I’ll openly admit that I’m starting to get into the festive mood at last. With just a few days to Christmas, I’m beginning to feel all warm and fuzzy and willing to get in the spirit of the season. Gin. Whiskey. Brandy. Yep, those spirits definitely help me feel warm and fuzzy.

(Ed: Get on with it)

Of course Christmas is about peace and love, and goodwill to your fellow man, or woman, or whoever catches your eye at the work Christmas party. Which is ironic because in FPL world it’s time to go to war. A flurry of four fixtures in fourteen days feels far from festive. FECK!

(Ed: Get on with it)

You need to keep your wits about when you spend most of your time in a stupor from an excess of everything. Friday night deadlines! Wednesday morning deadlines! Tuesday morning deadlines! I don’t even know what day of the week Christmas falls on!

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Never fear, for FantasyYIRMA is here, to give you a steer, while you’re supping your beer, enjoying the festive cheer. What’s that Ryan? Bloody get on with it?

Yes Dear….

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Defender: David Luiz, Chelsea

I’ve got a secret… It’ll blow your mind…

David Luiz has scored more points (48) than Marcos Alonso (46) since GW8.

I bet your flabber is as gasted as mine was.

Alonso has an ownership north of 45% and has cost north of £7m. Luiz has an ownership south of 10% and a cost south of £6m.

FPL is a funny old game, eh?

Chelsea face a Leicester City side that seem to be meandering through the season already. They remind me of a mid-table side with four games to go, unable to achieve glory or suffer relegation. Perhaps that’s understandable given the tragic events that befell the club just a few weeks ago. But I can’t see them giving Chelsea too much of a scare as the Blues play in front their wonderfully kind and tolerant fans for the first time since selected individuals gave Raheem Sterling a kindly word of advice. *Cough*

Ed: Pre-Sideshow


Midfielder: Ryan Fraser, Bournemouth

Following a sensational start to the season Bournemouth have hit the rocks on the south coast in recent weeks, with six defeats in their last seven outings. Admittedly three of those came against Arsenal, Manchester City and Liverpool, which is understandable, but to lose against the likes of Newcastle, Wolves and a Jose Mourinho-led Manchester United is unforgivable.

Eddie Howe faces two more tricky away games in GW19 and 20 away to Spurs and a not-Jose Mourinho-led Manchester United, so he’ll be aiming to get Bournemouth back on an even keel by targeting the home game against South Coast rivals Brighton & Hove Albion this weekend.

Ryan Fraser has been a pleasant FPL surprise this season with an admirable 4 goals and 7 assists in 17 fixtures thus far. Four times he has returned double digit hauls, and I have a feeling that may become five against Chris Hughtons’ seagulls.


Forward: Marcus Rashford, Manchester United

So he’s gone, at last.

Halfway through his third season at Old Trafford, and two and a half seasons since the world and their mother predicted he’d get the bullet in his third season, Jose Mourinho has been sacked in his third season.  Who could have predicted such a SHOCKING twist?

If you’re like me you’ll have digested the news of the sacking in mere seconds and turned your thoughts to the cast of woefully underperforming potential FPL assets at Old Trafford. There are going to be some absolute gems to be dug out of the cess pit that has been Manchester United thus far this season, and I for one think that Marcus Rashford provides incredible value and potential at £6.9m and an ownership under 9%.

I can imagine him and his teammates walking into training for the rest of this week with an extra spring in their step and a match this Saturday evening away to Cardiff City could well see this United side play like a large weight has been lifted off their shoulders. Seriously, they could easily cut loose and perhaps prove many conspiracy theorists right in one 90 minute blitz. You saw how Chelsea players went from chumps to champs when a certain Portu-geezer moved on a few years ago, right?


Captain: Raheem Sterling, Manchester City

In their last two away games Crystal Palace conceded three goals away to Brighton and West Ham.

In their last two home games Manchester City scored three goals at home to Bournemouth and Everton.

Raheem Sterling has 9 goals, 7 assists and 13 bonus points in 14 appearances this season. His recent minutes have been managed, so assuming he avoids the usual Pep Roulette disaster, he’s got to have the armband this weekend.

Outsider: Juan Mata, Manchester United

Because he’s £6.2m, under 2% owned, and any manager who actually likes football will play him. Michael Carrick likes football. I’m willing to wager whoever is in charge of Manchester United this weekend will like football too.


Draft: Domingos Quina, Watford  

Two league starts, one goal.

Two league cup appearances, one goal.

If you don’t but a ticket, you can’t win the raffle.




Written by Niall Hawthorne.

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