Arsenal, Huddersfield and a Lucky Dip

Fantasy Football – Gameweek 30 Preview – Written by @NiallHawthorne

FPL mimics life in full technicolour detail.

We’re into our 30’s now. When your season is born you have your whole season ahead of you, full of possibilities. You learn a lot from GW’s 1 – 10, like a child learning how to walk, talk and think for themselves. Between GW’s 11 – 20 you slowly mature as a player, with plenty of temper tantrums thrown into the mix for good measure, but by the time you hit GW21 you’re now fully responsible for your own actions. GW’s 21-29 contain so many moments that you will think back on and wonder just what the bloody hell you were thinking of.

But then you hit GW30.

GW’s 1-10 are a distant memory, GW’s 11-20 are sepia-tinged nostalgic moments, and the wild, hedonistic toll of GW’s 21-29 are weighing heavily on you. You now know what bitter reality looks like. You know your fate is cast for the remainder of your interminable season. It’s going to be a trudge through GW after GW with no release from the constant reminder that there’s no real point anymore, but you must continue until you finally meet the sweet final release of GW38.

On that cheery note, let’s see if we can start our 30’s off with a bang, shall we?


Defender: Trent Alexander-Arnold, Liverpool

27 points in his last two games including 3 assists, 6 bonus points and fresh off what was effectively a nice long rest. He now faces a home game against Burnley in what is the first of 9 consecutive ‘must-win’ games. While the strike force has stuttered in recent games, the Liverpool defence has remained the most consistent in the league, and I see no reason why this will change this weekend. With VVD swatting away the Wood/Barnes combo with his usual ease, TAA will spend much of this game bombing forward providing attacking impetus. Assists and clean sheets does three bonus points make!

Midfielder: Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Arsenal

I admit to being a little astonished at the fact that Mkhitaryan has amassed 6 goals and 4 assists from just 13 full starts and a few cameos thrown in. That’s quite a return, and you sense that Unai Emery has finally worked out effective formations to get the best out of what he was bequeathed.

There’s a fair chance that opponents Manchester United could be hit with a severe dose of ‘After-The-Lord-Mayor’s-Show-itis’ this weekend following that astonishing evening in Paris, and if so then an in-form Arsenal are prime to take advantage. 31 points in his last 3 GW’s tell me that if they do Mkhitaryan will be leading the charge.

Plus, I really wanted to point out that the way I remember to spell his name is to break it into ‘Mk-Hit-A-Ryan’. Now why would that way of spelling his name stick with me? Ooooh, I should ask @FantasyYIRMA about that…

Forward: Jamie Vardy, Leicester City

All seasoned FPL players are searching for that one Leicester City player that will explode under Brendan Rodgers (steady…) and his new regime. Well, my logic is that Brendan is going to keep it simple for the remainder of the season and turn to those with ‘real character’ until he gets to the next transfer window and can bring in Lucas and Daniel Sturridge.

There’s no bigger ‘character’ in the Foxes squad than Jamie Vardy, who has 3 goals in his last 4, and now faces the hilariously inept Fulham defence at the King Power Stadium. The goals conceded record of The Cottagers over the last 9 games incredibly matches the bank account number of @FantasyYIRMA: 422223322.

I expect Vardy to be front and centre when Leicester add a 3 to the end of that number, which will coincidentally then match @FantasyYIRMA’s bank balance. Remarkable.

Captain: Lucky Dip

Oh, come on!

Aguero at home to Watford, who conceded 5 away to Liverpool

Lukaku who has just started one of his ‘Lukaku-Watch’ ending streaks of form

Salah at home to Burnley who have 1 clean sheet in 9 and conceded 5 to Newcastle and Crystal Palace over the last two weeks.

If you have one of these players, captain him. If you have two, flip a coin. If you have three, then I hate you.


Outsider: Troy Deeney, Watford

While I think that City could batter Watford, I also think that Troy Deeney could make life extremely difficult for Otamendi/Stones and Co., if Javi Gracia allows his men to have a go. Let’s face it, the defensive rear guard action didn’t work at Anfield, so they may as well have a swing, right?

Draft: Jon Gorenc Stankovic, Huddersfield Town

Back in favour and 14 points in his last two GW’s, with an ownership of 2.9%. There’s a fair chance he’s available.

Fantasy Football – Gameweek 30 Preview – Written by @NiallHawthorne


Written by Niall Hawthorne.

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