Everton, Man City and Watford Make The Gameweek Preview


Fantasy Football – Gameweek 13 Preview – Written by @NiallHawthorne


No, he’s not a new Albanian superstar that I’m afraid to tip as an outsider. This is the technical term for the fear of the Number 13. Looking at the fixture list for GW13, it has me sweating (if I’m capable, obviously) and stammering like a common Prince Andrew interview.

Franklin D. Roosevelt (he’s a former President of The United States, like Trump’s about to be) said that there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Far be it for me to disparage a line from such a famous speech, but what a load of twaddle. If you’re facing down a grizzly bear, the last thing you’re afraid of is your fear, as the massive hairy beast is about to use your spine as a toothpick. The same goes for this FPL week. Chelsea v City? Salah injured? Robertson injured?

I’m fair sh*tting myself, I’ll have you know.

Defender: Djibril Sidibe, Everton

You know when you buy something, not because it’s good in itself, but more because it’s what it’s not? Like when somebody buys an Android device – they don’t really want an Android device, they just don’t want Apple.

This applies here, as Everton face Norwich City at Goodison Park. Marco Silva must be looking over his shoulder every five seconds wondering if he’s the next manager to get the November International Break bullet, and pondering how the hell he’s still actually in a job. (Most likely because Jose didn’t fancy the Everton gig, truth be told).

However, a home game against the most out of form team in the league offers another step in the right direction, following their home draw with Spurs and their away win at St. Mary’s. Since Norwich claimed that famous victory over Manchester City in GW5, they have scored two goals. Yep, TWO.

Sidibe has shifted Seamus Coleman from the starting line-up, and delivered an assist in his last outing, so for GW13 he looks a great bet, and he’s only owned by 0.2% of players. How’s THAT for a differential, eh?

Midfielder: Heung-Min Son, Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham Hotspur  

My sister had a baby girl on Tuesday evening (welcome to the world Emma, I’ll have your FPL team registered by GW14 I promise), and her husband was naturally by her side as the delivery was taking place. So, when I went to see the new arrival on Wednesday morning, I realised that he hadn’t really been outside of the hospital in about 12 hours, and had been cut off from the outside world. His face when I told him about what had happened at Spurs between Tue PM and Wed AM was a picture….

So, Spurs enter a brave new world with the Special/Not So Special/I Can’t Believe He’s Not Special One, and we all watch on in anticipation to see what will transpire. Will Vertonghen be the new Terry or the new Rojo? Will Danny Rose be the new Ashley Cole or the new Luke Shaw?

In FPL terms, it’s too tempting not to have a punt on this Spurs side, so with that in mind I’m plumping for the least risky option. He’s your Son. He’s my Son. (He may be the subject of millions of paternity tests as a result). If Jose can get Spurs rolling again, you have to believe that Son will be front and centre of all the action.

Forward: Gerard Deulofeu, Watford

To give Hugh Laurie his dues, you can see what he’s trying to achieve at Watford since coming in. Steady the ship defensively (3 clean sheets in the last five), and then start scoring at the other end.

Deulofeu has two goals, an assist and four bonus points in his last two outings, and faces a Burnley side at Vicarage Road that aren’t great on their travels.

It’s a former Barcelona star against Burnley. Don’t you just love the modern Premier League? You never had that when I was a kid.

Captain: Raheem Sterling, Manchester City

It’s a little-known fact, but Raheem’s idol is Ronan Keating.

He loves all his work, from when Ronan first made a holy show of himself on The Late Late Show with Boyzone (if you’ve never seen the clip, google it, it’s legendary), to his solo work. His favourite song from the Keating back catalogue is ‘Life Is A Rollercoaster’. You can see that too, as Raheem is living his actual life like he’s on one.

From media ‘bad boy’ and all the racial undertones that encompassed, to passionate and admirable role model fearlessly speaking out when others remained silent, to England camp rabble-rouser and Joe Gomez assailant. There’s never a dull moment with Raheem.

However, he is an exceptional footballer with real drive, and following his travails over the international break, I fully expect him to take out all his frustrations on Chelsea this weekend. The Blues have conceded 12 goals in 6 away games this season, and not a clean sheet to be seen. While they will pose questions of the City rear-guard, Raheem and friends will do likewise. They’re also facing the goalkeeper with the lowest % of shots saved in the league, Kepa Arrizabloodyhella.

Outsider: Harvey Barnes, Leicester City

The Leicester City secret is out, and if you don’t have at least two Foxes in your squad, you’re doing it wrong. But for those of you who don’t, and are looking for a budget entry into their entertaining squad, look no further than young Harvey Barnes. A regular starter, a goal and five assists thus far, a price tag of under £6m, and an ownership of 1.2%.

Draft: Moussa Djenepo, Southampton

Back from injury, before which he scored twice. Owned by just 0.1% and back in the team.

They’re calling him the ‘New Mane’ on the South Coast. In Liverpool they call him the ‘Next Mane’.

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Fantasy Football – Gameweek 13 Preview – Written by @NiallHawthorne

Written by Niall Hawthorne.

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