GW6 Review: Posted After The Final Whistle & The GW7 Preview

GW6 Review: Posted After The Final Whistle  

Written by @JackAGoodwin  

GW6 Review: Quick quick, read this review! It will surely help you out in your last minute GW7 decisions.   Fun fact – I am sitting at 126k overall in FPL, quite a stunning display if I do say so myself. I do however fear my team this weekend, these things cannot continue for me (they never do). I am 275th in the Bang Average YIRMA league with current leader Gaydon Anthony leading the pack and 904th in the world – top stuff from the Bang Average League chaps & chapette’s.  


It’s Friday, you’re most likely at home, works shutting down and you’ve made a fresh brew. Take a ride through GW6 fixtures with me as we explore Jamie Vardy’s favourite song, the story behind Geoff Hurst’s World Cup 66 success and of course maybe some FPL related information for you to dwell over.  

When you’ve finished the GW6 Review – you can check out the GW7 Preview: CLICK HERE



Aston Villa 0-3 Leeds

BT Box Office kicked off the weekend – and it was popcorn for Patrick Bamford as he netted what was his first EVER league hattrick. Quite a wait for a striker whose career stretches across 10 teams, over 10 seasons. Nevertheless, Patrick finally took home a Premier League ball of his own after derailing the Villa train with a convincing win to give them their first loss. The win takes Leeds to the dizzy heights of 3rd, a spot they last finished back in the 99-00 season inspired by the signings of Michael Bridges and Harry Kewell.   This time however, Leeds didn’t need two strikers, Bamford providing enough threat on his own with a lovely and well deserved hattrick assisted by Klich, Costa & Rodrigo. He bagged 17 points, his 2nd double-digit haul and his 4th positive points return out of 6 appearances.  

Those who planned on any FPL defensive returns from Villa were left pointless with Martinez taking a lonely 3 points only boosted by his 6 saves in the match. Grealish was oddly quiet and also saw yellow meanwhile 10% owned Mings claimed 0 points after his yellow.   6 goals in 6 for Bamford, only matched by the same stats of Eric Cantona back in 1992-93, and Leeds first Premier League hattrick scored since Mark Viduka put 3 past Charlton in April 2003.

Needless to say, the Bamford Party is Live N’ Kicking! (A fantastic 1993 reference there, if I can say so myself).  

Nostalgia kick for you all, here’s the theme tune:

West Ham 1-1 Man City

Speaking on nostalgia, May 2010 was the last time this encounter ended 1-1 on the same weekend David Cameron became Prime Minister of the UK. Boa Morte & Shaun Wright-Phillips with the goals on that day.   Back in the present, it was Antonio with a brilliant overhead kick finish to take the shock lead against City – always great to see the “big lads” perform acrobatics isn’t it. T’was then City who attacked endlessly with no avail until Stockport Iniesta himself (Foden) took to the field and slotted home the equaliser on the 50-minute mark.  

There was 45 minutes of Aguero, until he didn’t re-emerge from the tunnel to start the second half – yet another injury setback for one of FPL’s most beloved players. Foden (6) and Cancelo (assist, 5) were the only City assets to walk away with anything to please the FPL masses. Worrying times at the Emptihad with Liverpool and Spurs on the horizon.  

For West Ham, this was yet another great point to earn, after Lanzini’s wonder goal stole one from Spurs last weekend. 8 points in 4 games for the Hammers who now seem to be settling into their stride for the season – Antonio looking gre…oh, no, wait he’s injured too now apparently. 2020 FPL is a minefield.  


Fulham 1-2 Crystal Palace

What did I tell you about Zaha? See, don’t be listening to Niall’s reviews – Tis I, Goodwin, with the knowledge! Zaha bagging his 5th goal of the season (and 1st assist) to rack up a lovely 13points for his now 24% owners. Clyne struck FPL gold when he was subbed off after 70 minutes with clean sheet in hand – only for the rest of the midfield to be struck with the late Cairney goal to wipe out the points.

At 0.1% ownership however, Clyne helped nobody out. Zaha aside, there’s still no “go to” Palace player to suggest – and why would I? Zaha is the man.   Fulham, now rock bottom of the league are smelling the Championship already.

No players are raising people’s eyebrows whilst the team plummet into even worse form. Their one goal failing to seal the cracks that are forming at Craven Cottage. Cottages are pretty flimsy anyway, maybe time for the Khan’s to build a new home for Fulham before this one is blown away.  


Man Utd 0-0 Chelsea

One of these “0”’s is not like the other. Man United attacked (14 shots) but failed to score whilst Chelsea did the opposite (6 shots), content with a draw for pretty much the entire match – thankfully this one wasn’t Box Office.   Lampard (& Chelsea fans) can’t get over the fact that Maguire & Azpi are just really good friends and decided to have a mid-air hug during a corner – apparently a penalty shout gone unnoticed.

This “incident” aside, it was a story of filed attacks by United whose only lively outlet was Sir Lord Rashford of England who was likely distracted by the fireworks ringing around Old Trafford in support of Rashford for Prime Minister Day (which is a thing, I’ve heard).   Chelsea defenders took the bonus points, an indication that they worked the hardest during this one – Zouma (3), Chilwell (2) and Silva (1). Maguire (1) the only United player to gain anything other than the “standard” points.

Interestingly, Cavani made his Premier League debut with a 30-minute run-out. Does he interest you? Will he even start? As a United fan, I just hope he doesn’t go full Falcao on us.  

The League table is incredibly deceiving, with United hovering above the relegation zone in 15th but then still just 6 points from the TOP, AND having a game in hand – it’s quite stunning really.  

Liverpool 2-1 Sheffield Utd

Back to Box Office (getting annoying isn’t it? And costly!) It was Liverpool and the Blades under the night lights, Sheffield setting the pace early on with a 13th minute penalty which Berge slotted home to open the game. It wasn’t until the 40th minute when Firmino levelled things up before Jota broke Yorkshire hearts with the game’s winner.   With VVD out injured and the footballing world acting as if he’s on his death bed, Liverpool are much less convincing at the back – only highlighted further with the injury to Fabinho during this match. Klopp has a bench and 3rd string that most teams would love, so I don’t think the panic button is to be pressed just yet. But with the Christmas build-up of fixtures coming upon us quickly – Liverpool will likely look to survive the run towards the January transfer window. Sancho is still available? (please don’t do it Klopp, my United heart couldn’t take it).  

FPL managers were left scratching their heads, heavily captained Salah had a quiet game and the defensive powerhouses (TAA & Robbo) were nowhere to be seen. Mane did however grab both assists, a reward for those who chose the Mane pill when offered him or Salah at the start of the season.   Brewster played 50 minutes for Sheffield, in a showcase match for all his 500k new owners – not the best showing, but early days, and for £4.5m it’s quite the steal for a player guaranteed playing time.

You actually don’t own any other Sheffield player (pointing to all of you), so there’s really no real point telling you about them, is there? Ok, ok, McBurnie grabbed an assist. His first for the season (also hasn’t scored yet. Also only assisted ONE goal all of last season).


Southampton 2-0 Everton

The last remaining unbeaten team of the season, Everton, finally saw defeat to an impressive Saints team who have arguably been one of the most in-form since Project Restart began.   James Ward-Prowse and Che Adams were the scorers – but don’t fear, Danny Ings bagged both assists to maintain his (& Southampton’s) cracking start to the FPL season and further shun those who jeered at his lofty price tag. Adams is quickly becoming a very viable differential option in the Saints front line, with his 2nd goal of the season and reasonable fixtures ahead.   The mind games from Ancelotti didn’t work, James Rodriguez did in fact start, and play the full 90 minutes but didn’t have the impact he’s been having so far – Calvert-Lewin finally registered a blank GW, his first match from 6 without a goal which is still quite some feat.

Those with Everton assets (most of you) will likely not be panicking, this was bound to happen eventually.  

Fun fact, the last time the Saints beat Everton 2-0 was in April 2014 – both team sheets very different back then with Lukaku, Barkley & Tim Howard gracing the Blues whilst Lambert, Luke Shaw & Clyne still wore the Saints jersey. Also fun fact, this game was won with not one but TWO own goals from Everton (Alcaraz & Coleman).  


Wolves 1-1 Newcastle

Is this the match we skip? Becoming quite the trend for me to pick one game without any action to choose to pretty much ignore during the reviews. This, this might just be it. Let’s half-arse it…   It took 80 minutes for anything to happen. Jiminez finally scoring past Darlow who only had to make 3 saves in the entire game. Wolves thought they’d snatched it, but then on the 89th minute Jacob Murphy (I know, who?) scored a worldie free kick to level the game and deny Wolves their 3rd straight win.  

Oh yeah, how could I forget, Roman Saiss delivered a gem of an FPL return, being subbed at 67 minutes with clean sheet in hand he trotted back with 7 FPL points – only for his fellow defenders to be snubbed by that rogue free-kick which was only Newcastle’s second shot on target all game.   And THAT’S the game! (Liar Liar, top film).  


Arsenal 0-1 Leicester

After a 2 game layoff with injury, Jamie Vardy fired up his Bluetooth speaker, chilled some delicious blue WKD and turned on the hot tub, the Party is ON! Leicester beat Arsenal away for the first time since 1973, quite fitting that back in 1973 the biggest song in the world was Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” which was on repeat on Jamie’s speakers! Also a hit in 1073, Lou Reed’s “Walk On The Wild Side” which sums up Arsenal’s season so far – taking risks, rotating starting 11’s and unsure which foot to step forward before being kicked back two. In fairness, Arsenal were on the front foot most game, with Leicester condemned to counter-attacks only.

The Gunners fired 12 shots, none really threatening Schmeichel’s net however as the Leicester defence registered their first clean sheet of the season.   Lacazette hasn’t scored since Liverpool in GW3, Aubameyang even further back against Fulham in GW1 – They really have zero FPL interest at the moment and will struggle to turn form around this weekend against a confident resurging Manchester United.   As Roberta Flack once sang in 1973, (Mikel Arteta is) Killing Me Softly with his (Team). I think those were the lyrics?  


Brighton 1-1 West Brom

Oh dear, did I use my skip on the Wolves match? This one, a bloody PPV match, this one sucked.   Karlan Grant (who) scored his first ever West Brom goal to rescue a point in the 83rd minute after Livermore scored an own goal way back in the first half to give Brighton the lead.  

Does anyone even own any players from these two? Likely not, and if so, it is Lamptey who after 3 assists in the first 3 GW’s now has blanked for the next 3 – that experiment surely over.  

That’s about it for this one chaps. Oh, it is good to see Branislav Ivanovic back in the Premier League though looking as happy as ever and decided to whack the ball as hard as he could against Livermore for the own goal. Classic Ivanovic.

 Burnley 0-1 Spurs

And finally, FPL managers the land over rejoiced as their awful weeks were slightly repaired by the inevitable Kane/Son impact against a stubborn Burnley. It was the 29th time the pair had combined for a goal in the League apparently, and this was Kane’s 8th assist already this season which is high highest total for an entire season previously – surely more to come.   With Brighton & West Brom next for Spurs, FPL managers are likely doubling-down on the duo and for good reason – defenders however are a little more risky with fixtures getting pretty intense and difficult after those two lovely ones to start November.  


Did you know, Burnley haven’t beaten Spurs 1-0 since April of 1966 just a couple months prior to England last lifting the World Cup. Spurs squad that game included Jimmy Greaves who went on to appear in all 3 group stages during the World Cup only to be studded by France’s Joseph Bonnel which left a permanent scar after 14 stitches and ruled him out of the knockout stages.


He was replaced by Geoff Hurst who went on to be the England hero!   It’s fun to digress, isn’t it! Happy GW7 all.    




Written by Jack A. Goodwin -Follow him on Twitter @JackAGoodwin

Jack is an “alternative FPL writer” (Who knew, right?) looking for hidden tales behind the most obscure players, dark humour in the game and the creative storytelling to the most mundane of GameWeeks!He’s played the official game for over 7 years, running leagues throughout the offices of his day job.


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