Fantasy Football Gameweek 19: Make Mine A DOUBLE

The Gameweek 19 Preview

Written by @NiallHawthorne


We’ve finally made it to the halfway point of this frankly bizarre season that will no doubt, when the history books are written, have more asterisks next to it than the memoirs of the 45th President of The United States (which is nailed on to be a picture book). Double GW’s are and Blank GW’s are going to become so commonplace, you’d need more chips than Ronald McDonald to try and cope with them all.

I always thought examining what was up a Premier League footballers nose was a bad idea, I just had no idea that it could cause hugging and handshakes to be banned on the pitch.

Onto GW19!


Defender: Angelo Ogbonna, West Ham United  

How about a DGW defender, coming into GW19 on the back of two consecutive clean sheets, facing two teams who have failed to score in three of their last five games each? He’s also owned by just 3% of players, costs £0.4m less than Cresswell and has just 11 points less this season.

West Ham have just appointed a former porn star to the board, and the points return from Ogbonna this week could be so filthy they would make even you blush. Yes, you. I know what you watch. No, that’s not kinky, it’s disgusting.


Midfielder: Paul Pogba, Manchester United

If you’re not a Manchester United fan, the big question on your mind right now is ‘How the hell are Manchester United top of the league, how did it happen and will it continue? Are they really title contenders?’

This kind of questioning fits nicely into the PPC, or Paul Pogba Conundrum as it’s also known. We’ve seen Pogba go on fantasy football rampages for a stretch of games where he scores and assists with free abandon, but then he goes off the boil for months on end. Like Manchester United themselves, then.

He’s currently hitting some form, United are top, and you wonder is it possible that Paul Pogba himself might just be getting interested in life at Old Trafford. A Premier League winners medal has eluded his collection thus far. Everyone owns Fernandes but only 1.5% own Pogba.

IF United keep this up and IF Pogba keeps this up, moving for him now could be a huge differential.


Forward: Jamie Vardy, Leicester City   

It can’t just be me who is noticing the real dearth of attacking options this season in FPL? Outside of Kane and Vardy (and due to the plethora of midfield options, owning both is tricky), you’re really looking at the likes of DCL (broken) and Bamford (just one game this week, the tool) as you’re reliable options. God knows, some of us have even been tempted by the likes of Callum Wilson playing in THAT Newcastle United side! The shame….

So, it’s with Vardy I stick for DGW19 as he faces two home games against Southampton and Chelsea. Granted most of his work this season has been done away from home, but that could even itself out over the second half of this season, right? RIGHT?

Captain: Kevin De Bruyne, Manchester City

As with Manchester United and the PPC, have Manchester City rediscovered their 18/19 consistency or is this a blip of form that will see them revert to stumbling every 4 or 5 games? Is their current good form influenced by the fact that KDB has been playing up front? Will that continue? Why am I asking questions when I’m supposed to be answering them for you?

Whatever the answer to those questions, City face Crystal Palace and Aston Villa at home in a DGW, so you just have to, don’t you? I mean he could haul double digits in both games….


Outsider: Anwar El Ghazi, Aston Villa   

He’s started the last five matches and has scored four goals. £2m cheaper and 32% less ownership than Grealish and in considerably better form. Has two fixtures this week against Manchester City and Newcastle United, so at least one of those looks promising.



Your move….

Written by Niall Hawthorne.

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