Cheapest Fantasy Football Players – 5 Unknown Stories

 Cheapest 2019/20 FPL Players – 5 Unknown Stories

Written by Jack A. Goodwin (He has lovely hair)

A retired England Futsal International, Gareth Southgate’s Godson, Deaf Goalkeepers and a 4-year old model competition winner! The lowest value players of FPL go under the microscope this week as we delve in to the unknown world of the bench fodder of Fantasy Football.

A word of warning – these are not recommended player picks for FPL 19/20… There’s enough of those posts!


  1. Max KilmanWolvesDefender£4.0TSB 1.2%

Wavy 90’s trance hit You’re Not Alone was blasting out of Max’s parent’s delivery room as Max was introduced to the world back in 1997. At 18 he joined Maidenhead United to become an almost unquestionable club legend with 1 goal in 34 appearances over 4 seasons. More interestingly however is Max’ Futsal career, where he actually became an England International Futsal player at 18 accumulating 25 caps for the Three Lions.

His transfer to Wolves last season essentially ended his Futsal career at the tender age of 21 as Wolves wouldn’t let him honor his international duties whilst part of the club. Max, one of England’s great young Futsal stars retired from the England squad, only to become bench fodder for Wolves this season.


  1. Marc Navarro – Watford – Defender – £4.0 – TSB 1.2%

As an 8-year old growing up in Barcelona, Marc was best mates with pansexual catwalk model Hector Bellerin and regularly played 1v1 in Marc’s grandma’s garden. Hector, I think we will all agree, was much more successful in his career so far.

They met for the first time on the pitch in September 2018 when Arsenal hosted Watford in a 2-0 victory. With 10 defenders on their books (only 2 of them as low as £4.0) it’s safe to say that Marc will be spending his 2019/20 season on the bench still thinking about that one time he megged Hector in his nan’s garden!


  1. Kayne Ramsay – Southampton – Defender – £4.0 – TSB 1.3%

Whilst little 8-year-old Marc was hanging at his nans, 8-year-old Kayne was being signed by Chelsea. 10 years later he made his Premier League debut for Southampton against Manchester City to become that seasons youngest starting player.

Rather embarrassingly, Kayne is verified on Twitter, despite only having 968 followers, poor sod. If you’d like to get him past the 1K mark, his twitter is @KayneRamsay1. FantasyYIRMA is reportedly “not bitter at all”.. but he is.


  1. John Lundstram – Sheffield United – Defender – £4.0 – TSB 1.7%

Ladies & Gents, please don’t rush to his DM’s all at once, I am sure he gets enough of people like us! John’s sister, Jodie, was a TV megastar as part of the cast of failed E4 reality show Desperate Scousewives.

I know, I know, kind of a big deal, right? At 25 years old, John’s footballing career of 8 clubs is eclipsed by Jodie’s stardom unfortunately. John will be found each week on the Blades bench, with only 7 appearances during their promotion campaign last season it’s unlikely we’ll see anything but a cameo.


  1. Frederick Woodman – Newcastle – Goalkeeper – £4.0 – TSB 3.6%

Let’s get it out there first and foremost, Croydon born Frederick is godson to Gareth Southgate and his Dad was the goalkeeping coach at Newcastle (where he first signed, as a GK). It’s who you know, right? Frederick has been at Newcastle now for 6 years, occasionally heading out on loan around the UK, and back in 2015 he was warned by Newcastle legend/god-like figure Alan Shearer to be careful not to drift into obscurity – which, 4 years on it appears he’s doing.

3.6% of FPL managers have, for some baffling reason, picked him in their squads so far, a stat which I am sure made up of 100’s of fake FPL accounts set up by his Dad to show Steve Bruce and say, “Look Stevie baby, our kid Freddy is ready, look, look at all the people in the world who thinks he’s ready! Can you even say Dubravka, Stevie?”.





Written by Jack A. Goodwin -Follow him on Twitter @JackAGoodwin

Allow me for one moment to put one foot firmly on the desk like a cool substitute geography teacher with a ponytail: hey kids, let’s talk about Fantasy Football. I am an alternative FPL writer, looking for hidden tales behind the most obscure players, dark humour in the game and the creative storytelling to the most mundane of GameWeeks!

As a lifelong football fan (Man United), I am excited to be able to share my writing passion with the always opinionated fantasy community. I have played the official FPL game for over 7 years, running leagues throughout the offices of my day job. Sure, I don’t finish too well, but it’s the taking part that counts, right? I’m only a man.

I hope in some twisted way that my articles will make you question your decisions, alter your teams irrationally and perhaps ask yourself why on earth you listened to this man!

Class dismissed.


Check out the Bang Average Fantasy Football Podcast featuring FantasyGaffer, MikeP and FantasyYIRMA as each week they look into both FPL and DRAFT formats of the game.



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