Mane or Salah? Liverpool Fan Picks Both in Fantasy Shocker!!

Fantasy Football – Gameweek 27 Preview Written by @NiallHawthorne


After nine long years (or at least it felt it) GW26 is behind us.

I’m not saying it dragged on for a long time, but between the time it started and ended Manchester City did a Brexit, Liverpool turned to shite and Boris Johnson’s government appointed and then pushed out a racist tosser.

Let’s never speak of it again. Onto GW27!


You can read the Gameweek 26 review here


GW27 Defender: Matt Doherty, Wolverhampton Wanderers  

This one is all about the fixtures.

Home matches against Norwich, Brighton and Bournemouth

Away matches against Spurs, West Ham and Villa

The ‘supposed’ hardest game there is at White Hart Lane, but since Jose carelessly lost all his forward players and seemingly adopted a new 0-4-6 formation, there’s not much to fear.

Yes, there’s a rotation risk as Wolves embark on the knockout stages of their European odyssey, but seeing all those ahead and around them fall over themselves in the Premier League, then a push for a Top-5 spot domestically should really be their aim.

GW27 Midfielder: Sadio Mane, Liverpool

Liverpool are annoyed. Someone beat them. Actually, properly beat them. Can you imagine how hard VVD throws his boots at the wall when that happens? They probably ended up three rooms away.

Anyway, Sadio is recently back from injury and was sprung from the bench to tremendous effect at Carrow Road a few months back in GW26. He was hooked in Madrid to avoid a red card, so he’s going to be brimming to get back on the right track. West Ham come to Anfield on Monday night like the proverbial lambs to the slaughter.

Sadio, lad. Sound.

GW27 Forward: Danny Ings, Southampton

Fifteen goals and counting how for Danny Ings as he stakes his claim to lead the line for England at Euro 2020, and to be quite frank there’s nobody else anywhere close to him in terms of form right now.

Aston Villa come to town on Saturday afternoon, so it’s Saints v Villains. Ings v Grealish. Main man v Main man.

I’m backing Ings to notch once again and ensure that young Grealish will get his ‘crying his eyes out leaving his hometown club getting a 300% payrise at a much bigger club’ summer photoshoot.


GW27 Captain: Mohamed Salah, Liverpool      

Rotten West Ham.

Rocking Anfield.

Monday Night Football.

Always Captain Salah.


GW27 Outsider: Ashley Westwood, Burnley        

Bang in form right now, fresh from his victory over a stellar field in Abu Dhabi.

Wait, that’s not right.

Oh, ASHLEY Westwood, not Lee! Got it.

This Westwood’s also showing good form to be fair as are his teammates. Three wins and a draw in their last four has ensured that Turf Moor will host Premier League football once more next season and Sean Dyche can erroneously compare his long balls to teams that actually play them at someone, rather than at space. The scamp.

Two goals, six assists, nine bonus points thus for far for Lee Westwood’s brother. Splendid by jove.


GW27 Draft: Bruno Fernandes, Manchester United

He arrived twenty minutes ago but now takes all the corners, all the free-kicks, does all the showboating, makes the tea, sweeps out the dressing room, negotiates the commercial deals and is a runaway winner of the ‘Player Of The Year’ awards at Old Trafford.

Edward Woodward likes value for money.




Fantasy Football – Gameweek 27 Preview Written by @NiallHawthorne


Written by Niall Hawthorne.

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