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2012-13 Fantasy Premier League Transfer Analysis

We are always happy to accept guest posts on FY. Delighted to see that #FPL superfan Walt aka @EPLFanForLife has submitted this article on his transfer journey through the 2012-13 Fantasy campaign.

Check out @EPLFanForLife on twitter. Always open to chat and discuss all things FPL.

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2012-13 Fantasy Premier League Transfer Analysis

I’ve gotta level with you guys.  I just can’t get the recent FPL season out of my mind.  It was a year of growth for me; a year where finding an outlet to talk about the sport (EPL) and the game (FPL) on Twitter raised my appreciation and enjoyment of the FPL game to levels I had never anticipated.

I’ve learned so much just from reading what knowledgeable fans have said to one another and asked one another about, let alone the actual conversations I’ve had with people that have helped me understand and enjoy the game with a new awareness.  

I’ve said before that the season ended too early for me.  I didn’t want the momentum to stop.  Having improved from 352,257th place in 2011-2012 to 33,058th place in 2012-2013, part of me was afraid that the momentum I carried through the end of the season and all that I learned this year would fade with the two-month gap; that I might forget what I had learned and would essentially be starting the new upcoming season from scratch again.

So without being able to keep playing the FPL game, I wanted to do the next best thing.  I wanted to analyze my performance and delve further into how the knowledge I gained from talking and “listening to” so many respectable friends and fans helped me reach levels that surprised me.  The logical place for me to start was to analyze my transfer activity; specifically the transfers I made throughout the season that resulted in point hits.

If you’ve played FPL for any length of time and are active on Twitter, you’ve inevitably fretted over the prospect of “paying” or “spending” 4 extra points to make a transfer that you can’t make for free.  The concept is an integral part of the game, and one that often can make or break an individual gameweek and ultimately how you perform in your mini-league and overall ranking.

Respected FPL players talk about “the 4-point hit” just about every week.  Is it worth it?  What has to happen to make it pay off?  For which positions is it worth considering and for which positions is it a guaranteed no-no?  What are the odds that it will pay off?

I read and listened to many people.  One of the things I remember hearing most from people that I respected highly was “Don’t take a hit if you don’t have to; they don’t pay off 80% of the time.”  That scared me and had me thinking carefully about all of the things that would need to happen for a 4-point hit to pay off.  Not only would the person I transferred in need to do well, but they would need to score at least 4 more points than the person I transferred out.  In FPL, where every point is valuable, a 4-point hit needed to be weighed carefully.

Partly because of the fear instilled in me with the prospect of a 4-point hit, and partly because I was in a position in my mini-league towards the end of the season where every point would end up being important, I always found myself thinking long and hard about the prospect of giving up 4 points to make a transfer that I thought would pay off.

With three weeks left in the season, and hearing the old mantra of “4-point hits don’t pay off 80% of the time” from respected FPL players in the back of my mind, my mini-league rival made the surprising decision of making 5 transfers during double game week 36; a 16 point hit!  I was freaking out.  I had taken point hits in the 2-3 weeks leading up to double gameweek 36 to prepare and set myself up for it, but was surprised that my rival took such a risk; especially when things were so tight in our mini-league.  

One of my good friends in the FPL Twitter community, knowing my mini-league was tight and probably trying to make me feel better, said “Don’t worry dude, there’s no way they’ll all pay off for him”.  Well guess what; 4 of his 5 transfers DID pay off for him, and it left me questioning the “4-point hits don’t pay off 80% of the time” adage that had been ingrained in my head.

So, after the season ended, I thought I’d take a look and see just how I fared when making the decision to take transfer hits.  The results actually surprised me very much.

Note: Because almost all of the transfers I made that resulted in 4-point hits were transfers that required swapping more than 1 player, I’ve analyzed my transfer hits based on each gameweek as opposed to each transfer.  It was very rare that I took a 4-point hit specifically to swap one player for another; it more often required a double move to “downgrade” a player in one position to be able to “upgrade” a player in another.

Here are my 2012-2013 season statistics/details with regard to point hits and transfers:





Mata, Aguero             

Hazard, Tevez

Pts Hit: -4    

Net Pts: +18



Federici, Petric          

Davis, Berbatov    

Pts Hit: -4    

Net Pts: +4



Torres, DeGuzman

Fletcher, Fellaini       

Pts Hit: -4    

Net Pts: -5



Davis, Lescott, Kagawa, Berbatov  

Begovic, Gibbs, Cazorla, Jelavic  

Pts Hit: -12

Net Pts: +5  






RVP, Silva, Bale

LeFondre, Sessegnon, Michu

Pts Hit: -8  

Net Pts: +10



Britton, Rafael, Fletcher, Fellaini

Walcott, Nastasic, Ba, Toure

Pts Hit: -12  

Net Pts: -5






Suarez, Michu

Giroud, Bale

Pts Hit: -4    

Net Pts: +13



Fellaini, Cameron, Giroud

Snodgrass, Garrido, Benteke

Pts Hit: -8    

Net Pts: +7



Benteke, Puncheon, Garrido

Berbatov, Cazorla, Monreal

Pts Hit: -4    

Net Pts: +13



Sturridge, Bale

Lambert, Hazard

Pts Hit: -4    

Net Pts: +3



Hazard, Davies       

Fellaini, Baines

Pts Hit: -4    

Net Pts: +7



Fellaini, Cazorla, Suarez

Michu, Maloney, RVP

Pts Hit: -8    

Net Pts: -2



Monreal, Lambert, Snodgrass, Johnson

Dawson, Lukaku, Bale, Figueroa

Pts Hit: -12  

Net Pts: +7



Defoe, Michu

Sturridge, Lampard

Pts Hit: -4    

Net Pts: +18


Well there you have it.  All told, I spent 92 points on 23 transfers during the 2012-2013 FPL season.  Of the 14 gameweeks in which I took hits, I achieved net gains on 11 of them (78.5%) and had net losses on 3 of them (21.5%).

In summary, I gave up 91 points scored by the players I transferred out, spent 92 points to transfer in other players, and those players that I transferred in earned 276 points in the week I brought them in; for a net overall season gain of 93 points.

Here is something that I found fascinating… check this out:

  • The points scored by the players I transferred out  = 91
  • The number of points I spent on the 23 extra transfers = 92
  • The NET OVERALL GAIN I made through these transfers during the season = 93

Pretty crazy, huh!?!

I am so glad I took the time to put this information together and look back on my transfer dealings throughout the course of the season.  It taught me that depending on the situation, taking hits on additional transfers can work out rather well if done carefully.  

As a fairly conservative FPL player, after the initial and necessary early season adjustments accounting for players who no longer started, fell out of form, were injured, etc., the majority of my point hits were taken to offload players who were either suspended, injured, had blank game weeks, etc.; or to bring in players with upcoming double game weeks.

In hindsight, this is perfectly normal and to be expected.  What I was surprised about was the percentage of times that point hits actually worked out for me.  Had you asked me that question throughout the season I would have said that it seemed like point hits worked out for me roughly half of the time.  

My decisions look better in hindsight than they felt at the time, although obviously what’s not accounted for here are the players I DIDN’T pick who went nuts on certain gameweeks, like giving up Benteke to see him nail a hat trick a few weeks later.  But that’s FPL for ya.

If you would like to put together analysis like this for yourself based on last season’s statistics, PLEASE PRINT OUT YOUR GAMEWEEK DETAIL TODAY!  Next year’s EPL fixtures have already been released so it will only be a matter of time before the site is reset.  They do not store gameweek detail from prior seasons so once they reset the site it’s gone for good.

Sorry for being so long winded, but I hope you enjoyed seeing the stats of my transfers and how those transfer dealings affected the overall season points as a whole.  I improved my overall ranking considerably this year compared to last, and looking back now, these 93 extra points played a very large factor in that.

Cheers guys!


Please follow me on Twitter:  @EPLFanForLife

About Walt

An American who would not be able to enjoy the EPL and FPL scene without the connection afforded by Twitter and great accounts like @FantasyYIRMA.  I’ve learned a lot through the FPL connection and the discussions that continue 24/7 throughout the season and look forward to continuing to learn as I’m getting ready for my third season in FPL.

I am an avid football (soccer) fan who enjoys talking football and connecting with others for discussion, banter, news, and anything that increases our enjoyment and appreciation for the sport that we love.

I’ve just started a blog that I welcome you to check out if you get a chance:

Please also follow me on Twitter: @EPLFanForLife 

Tale of a Fantasy Premier League Champion!!

It is with great pleasure that we welcome FPL World Number 2 and the mini league WINNER Kelvin Travers.

Kelvin had an unbelievable season and is a genuine fan of FPL. Having led the overall game for large parts of the year the league was decided on bonus points following the final gameweek of the season.

Take nothing away from this man – what he displayed this year in terms of judgement and consistency was extremely impressive!

We are proud to say the FY mini- league was won by an extremely deserving winner! Kelvin has been kind enough to put together an overview of his FPL journey this year – Enjoy!



Season Review

By @K3lviN

Having had time to get over the disappointment of missing out by just two points on winning the 2012/13 Barclays Fantasy Premier League, I’ve been invited by @FantasyYIRMA to explain some of the highs and lows of my season, and my thoughts for next year.


I may as well start with the lows, and to be honest they don’t come any lower than finishing second having lead for most of the season – infact, having lead for most of the final day, right up until bonus  points were added. Seeing Lukaku grinning at me from my bench with a hat trick and 16 points, knowing my decision to play Fellaini over him has ultimately cost me the chance to achieve the impossible and be no.1 in the world at the end of the season.

Hindsight’s a wonderful thing, who would have predicted West Brom scoring 5 past Man Utd and a Lukaku hat trick?! But, the season is played over 38 gameweeks and the guy who finishes top deserves the accolade.

Some other lows from my season that stick out – my  decision to bench Berbatov in gameweek 11 when he scored two against Arsenal. Transferring in Dzeko in gameweek 27, he played 0 mins and I ended up transferring him straight back out the following week, a waste of two transfers and probably a handful of points.


I’d imagine to some people those aren’t exactly lows – finishing second in the world, benching the wrong player a couple of times, and wasting a transfer; but at the time, to me they were.


I can easily say what was the high point of the season for me – gameweek 19. It was Boxing Day and I was in my local with some friends having some festive beers. Van Persie had already scored and assisted in the afternoon kick off and everybody has giving me grief for not captaining him, as at that point I was 26th in the world and had chosen to captain Bale – it was 0-0 at half time in the Aston Villa vs Tottenham game. Then came the 45 minutes that completely changed my season, a Gareth Bale hat trick, 42 points as captain and when I woke up the next morning I was World no.1 for the first time. An incredible feeling, and unbelievable achievement, and one I thought would only last until the following gameweek and I’d never see again.


I was partly right, by the following gameweek I’d dropped to 9th, but over the second half of the season I never dropped out of the top 10, and went back to world no.1 for a further 6 weeks. In the last 16 weeks of the season, I only dropped out of the top 2 on three occasions – hence why I said earlier I was so disappointed with second place overall.

The other high point of my season was taking to Twitter to talk to people about fantasy football and becoming part of the wider fantasy football community. I was completely taken aback by the amount of support and encouragement I received from people over the course of the season, and even afterwards the messages I received after finishing second. I tried to reply to as many messages as possible, so if there was anybody who congratulated me and hasn’t already seen a reply, then I’d like to say thank you for your support.

thank you for your support


FantasyYIRMA league

I joined the FantasyYIRMA league around the end of January. At the time a guy called Des was at the top, so I got in touch with him on Twitter to check he was ok with me joining as I would be knocking him off top spot. I didn’t want to just join and spoil it for those who’d been top through the Autumn, but as I was chatting with everybody on Twitter I wanted to get involved in the league. Luckily Des said he was ok with me joining, so I have to say thanks to him otherwise I wouldn’t have been in the league.

When I joined though, I never had any intention of claiming the prize money if I’d won – I joined because of Twitter and the fantasy football community, not money. So, I decided at that point if I made it to the end of the season and won the league, I’d donate the prize money to charity. From that point onwards I felt I was playing for charity, and at one point I was overtaken at the top and wanted to fight back to win the money back for charity.


The charity I wanted to support is a local one to me, called the Candlelighters. They do some absolutely amazing work for kids who are growing up with cancer, and if anybody is ever looking for a charity to support I would really recommend you consider helping them.

Next Season

I wasn’t sure if I’d play next season after coming so close. I can’t see how I can ever do better than I have this year, but after a few weeks off I’m already missing football so can’t see how I can sit a season out.

I’m going to enjoy a couple of months off fantasy football, probably not as much as my girlfriend will enjoy me taking a couple of months off fantasy football, but I’ll definitely be coming back next year to play again.

I’ll be getting into the pre-season games and stats, doing some research on new signings, and I’ll share a few of my ideas and plans for the new season on Twitter.

Aside from joining the FantasyYIRMA league again next year, I also want to make an offer to anybody who wants to try and beat me. I’m going to setup a league of my own, free to join, and for every person who can finish above me I’ll donate £5 to charity. For every person I can finish above, I’d ask those people to donate something of any winnings they make over the season to charity, as little or as much as they can afford.

I’ll setup the league once the new season starts and post the code on Twitter, I thought it might be a fun way to play directly against some of my adversaries from this year, people on Twitter, and hopefully some new players – all whilst trying to raise a few pounds for charity. I hope a few people will want to join me alongside their existing leagues.

See you next season,
Kelvin (@K3lviN)

Many Thanks from the #FY team to Kelvin for taking the time to provide this guest post – Drop him a follow on twitter.

Fantasy Football Mini-League Round up

Get the beers in @K3LVIN… You’ve won… 🙂

It was a cold night in January when I received a text asking “Have you seen the Premier League website… check the status page”

Curiosity got the better of me and I had a look. The mini-league was ranked 5th in the world! When the curtain came down on gameweek 38 we were delighted to see that the FY league had finished in 3rd place globally!

BKsGttTCAAAaiNeThis is a million miles away from when we started a mini-league with a couple of friends a few years back. This wouldn’t be possible without the great support that everyone has given the both the site and twitter account this season.

It also would not have been possible without the exceptional players we had in the league this year.

Massive congratulations to Kelvin Travers @K3LVIN  who won the £ 50 Cash prize on offer from the FY mini-league.

Kelvin had a fantastic season and finished 2nd in the World!! A superb accomplishment I am sure you will all agree.

Kelvin led the way for large parts of the season and missed out on the top spot by only 2pts.

Below is the top 10 from the FY mini-league – some ridiculously good performances this year and many thanks to the 1000+ players who signed up to play this season.


The prize for the mini-league is £50 cash. When we confirmed @K3LVIN had finished 1st he has generously asked us if we could donate the prize money to a charity of his choice. An extremely kind gesture from Kelvin and one we were happy to be part of.

We spoke to Candlelighters and are delighted to help raise awareness for a great cause.


“Candlelighters is delighted that your winner Kelvin Travers ( @K3lvin ) has donated his prize money to help fight children’s cancer in Yorkshire.
When a child is diagnosed with cancer, lives are turned upside down in an instant. Not just for the child but for their parents, siblings, family and friends. Priorities change and everyday concerns suddenly seem trivial. Getting well again can be a long and challenging journey, physically, emotionally and financially. Helping and supporting those children and their families is why Candlelighters was formed more than 40 years ago and it is why we are still here today.

Every penny helps. If you would like more information please visit our website

#FYCUP Prize Winner Announcement!


FY logo paint2

With the football season over, the FY team has resigned themselves to building a scoring model for Fantasy Lawn Bowls – the up side to this is that the Premier League starts back in 78 days.

We have run multiple competitions this season and gave away some great prizes already. The inaugural Cup was a great success and many thanks to those who got involved

256 players signed up to take part in  a Knock Out style tournament. The tournament itself filled up within a matter of hours and if you missed out on playing this time there will be more opportunities next season.

Special thanks go to Cup sponsors @StanJames and @AdvertisingWeek

Incredible support from both this season




Huge Congratulations to Glenn Quilter who wins the first place prize of £100 in Free Bets from @StanJames in addition to £25 from @AdvertisingWeek

An excellent cup run from @evertoniandy sees him pick up £50 in Free Bets from Big Stan and the bonus prize of £50 in free bets goes to @Strooger with his excellent individual gameweek score of 109 enough to beat off the rest of the competition.


Unbelievably – We have yet to hear from Glenn Quilter to claim his prize!!! Get in touch Glenn!


Roll on next season….





Fantasy Football: Nothing but BONUS points!!

For the last time this season… here are the bonus point allocations!!

Torres scored in a fitting tribute for Rafa in his last game in charge yet it was the Spanish marvel Mata who take home the 3pt maximum.

Liverpool’s Coutinho continues to look a real #FPL prospect for next season with a goal and 2 Bonus points with Enrique picking up the top marks.

Grant Holt signed off for Norwich with a goal however it was Rodwell with a well taken brace who nabs the top bonus marks.

Koscielny‘s goal was enough to guarantee Arsenal the chance to compete in the Champions league next season, it gained him 3 Bonus points also!

Crouch took the maximum for Stoke in their 1-1 draw at Southampton while Kacaniklic gained top marks for Fulham as they romped to a 3-0 away win over Swansea who looked as though they were already on a week all inclusive holiday in Benidorm.

An Finally in a quite unbelievable game, West Brom came from 5-2 down against Manchester United to finish 5-5 with a Lukaku Hat-trick in the mix also!!

Gareth Bale played, Gareth Bale scored, Gareth Bale got the maximum bonus points…. #Ronseal

Kevin Nolan managed a superb Hat-trick for West Ham and rightly takes the bonus also.

Forgotten man Bent managed a goal and 2 bonus points with Vlaar gaining the maximum in Villa’s 2-2 draw at Wigan.


Let us know what you think of the Bonus points… Right?? Wrong??


19 May 16:00 Chelsea Chelsea 2 – 1 Everton Everton
Mata (3)
Torres (2)
19 May 16:00 Liverpool Liverpool 1 – 0 QPR QPR
Jose Enrique (3)
Coutinho (2)
19 May 16:00 Man City Man City 2 – 3 Norwich Norwich
Rodwell (3)
Holt (2)
19 May 16:00 Newcastle Newcastle 0 – 1 Arsenal Arsenal
Koscielny (3)
Sagna (2)
Mertesacker (2)
19 May 16:00 Southampton Southampton 1 – 1 Stoke City Stoke City
Davis (2)
Crouch (3)
19 May 16:00 Swansea Swansea 0 – 3 Fulham Fulham
Kacaniklic (3)
Berbatov (2)
19 May 16:00 Tottenham Tottenham 1 – 0 Sunderland Sunderland
Walker (2)
Vertonghen (2)
Bale (3)
19 May 16:00 West Brom West Brom 5 – 5 Man Utd Man Utd
Mulumbu (2)
Lukaku (3)
19 May 16:00 West Ham West Ham 4 – 2 Reading Reading
Noble (2)
Nolan (3)
19 May 16:00 Wigan Wigan 2 – 2 Aston Villa Aston Villa
Vlaar (3)
Bent (2)

Fantasy Football GW37: Nothing but BONUS points!!

Nothing but BONUS points!!

GW37 Is done and dusted and we have only one week left.

As usual we take a look at the bonus points allocated by the Official game.

Do you agree / disagree??

Who was overlooked? Who got Bonus points and left you scratching your head thinking …How??

Tweet us your thoughts  @FantasyYIRMA

In the Tuesday night games Santi Cazorla had the sort of game FPL managers remember for years with the Spaniard managing all FOUR assists in Arsenal’s 4-1 win which sees Wigan relegated only days after their magnificent FA Cup win.

Despite this Podolski’s 2 goals trumphed Santi’s 4 assists with the German striker getting the 3pt bonus allocation.

Mancini didn’t win anything for 12 months and as such was sacked. Harsh? Certainly in my opinion. Without him City had a decent 2-0 win against Reading with Aguero and Dzeko getting the goals. Special mention to Reading keeper who not for the first time this season came out of the game with double figure number of saves.

Silva takes the maximum 3pts with Auguero not far behind on 2.

Lampard got the maximum bonus for Chelsea against Villa and fair play to him for breaking the Chelsea goalscoring record. Fantastic goal record that many top forwards would be proud of!

Dempsey took the maximum for Spurs in their match up against Stoke with Adebayor receiving 2, to be completely fair this could have been swapped around and no one would have questioned it in my opinion.

Mirallas continued his great form for Everton and gets the max bonus allocation.

Suarez who?? Sturridge has really stepped up in the absence of the feisty Uruguayan and takes home 3 bonus points to sit nicely with his 3 goals against Fulham.

Howson and Snodgrass share the spoils with 3 bonus points each for Norwich in their 4-0 rout against WBA.

On a memorable day at Old Trafford, match winner Rio Ferdinand takes the 3 bonus points as Manchester United gave Sir Alex a great send off with a 2-1 win against Swansea.

Elsewhere Adam Johnson and Gouffran took the maximum spoils for Sunderland and Newcastle respectively.


11 May 12:45 Aston Villa Aston Villa 1 – 2 Chelsea Chelsea
Lampard (3)
Hazard (2)
12 May 13:30 Stoke City Stoke City 1 – 2 Tottenham Tottenham
Dempsey (3)
Adebayor (2)
12 May 15:00 Everton Everton 2 – 0 West Ham West Ham
Osman (2)
Mirallas (3)
12 May 15:00 Fulham Fulham 1 – 3 Liverpool Liverpool
Coates (2)
Sturridge (3)
12 May 15:00 Norwich Norwich 4 – 0 West Brom West Brom
Howson (3)
Snodgrass (3)
12 May 15:00 QPR QPR 1 – 2 Newcastle Newcastle
Coloccini (2)
Gouffran (3)
12 May 15:00 Sunderland Sunderland 1 – 1 Southampton Southampton
Johnson (3)
Lambert (2)
12 May 16:00 Man Utd Man Utd 2 – 1 Swansea Swansea
Ferdinand (3)
Van Persie (2)
14 May 19:45 Arsenal Arsenal 4 – 1 Wigan Wigan
14 May 20:00 Reading Reading 0 – 2 Man City Man City
Silva (3)
Aguero (2)

Fantasy Football Preview GW37: Walcott to worsen Wigan’s woes?


With next season already promising to be hugely different given the dramatic developments at Old Trafford this week, cherishing this campaign suddenly looks to be even more important.

For Wigan Athletic, that seems to ring true more than loudly than for others.

The Latics will be FA Cup finalists at the weekend, but come Tuesday they could find that their eight-year stint in the Premier League is over. Should results go against them at the weekend, then nothing less than three points from their next match will do if they are to stay in the top flight. Unfortunately for them, that next match is at Champions League-chasing Arsenal.

The Gunners may have lost this fixture last season, but they simply can’t afford to do that now.

With Theo Walcott (£8.9m) returning to fitness and form then they certainly don’t look like doing that, and the England man could play a large part in confirming the Latics’ relegation.

Walcott scored and completed 90 minutes in both of his last two matches for the Gunners, taking his tally to 13 strikes and 13 assists during a hugely productive season.

As Arsene Wenger’s men close in on a top four place Walcott looks to be a hugely important figure, and he’ll enter the Wigan game high on confidence, which could end up spelling trouble for Roberto Martinez and his boys.

Any discussion about the battle for the top four – and of course your ongoing battles in Fantasy Premier League – isn’t complete without a mention of Gareth Bale(£10.9m), who takes his considerable talents to Stoke City this weekend.

Bale and Spurs might find it tough going there, but they should eventually come out on top in a match which is sure to see defender Jan Vertonghen (£6.8m) come under threat from Stoke’s attack.

Elsewhere, Everton’s Marouane Fellaini (£7.2m) is sure to find support ahead of their Blues’ match against mid-table West Ham at Goodison Park.

The Belgian has been in fine form throughout the campaign and he’ll be determined to impress in his side’s final game in front of their own fans this season. Following the Blues’ goalless draw at Liverpool last week he could be one to back as they look to find the net again.

As for Liverpool, they go to a Fulham side still not safe from relegation just yet, and with both Steven Gerrard and Luis Suarez unavailable then the onus is sure to fall on Philippe Coutinho (£6.7m) and Daniel Sturridge (£7.0m). Dimitar Berbatov (£7.1m) will of course be vital for the hosts.

At Berbatov’s former club, Sir Alex Ferguson’s last home match in charge of Manchester United brings selection issues with it, but he is likely to once again start with Robin van Persie (£13.7m) upfront for the visit of Swansea. Those prone to a little bit of nostalgia might like to back a few Fantasy points for Ryan Giggs (£6.0m) and Paul Scholes (£5.0m) too.

Back in the cold hard world of chasing the Champions League, Chelsea will be happy that Aston Villa are now all but safe as they prepare for a trip to Villa Park early on Saturday.

Rafael Benitez’s side will be in no mood to let up now as they look to finish as high as possible, and with the battle between Fernando Torres (£9.3m) and Demba Ba (£7.8m) sure to be dominating many thoughts, it is Juan Mata (£10.1m) who continues to make his team tick.

Somewhat bizarrely denied the winning goal at Old Trafford last weekend, Mata will be doubly determined to impress at Villa Park.

He could be a vital addition for your side.


Fantasy Football: Michu to who?…bless you!

Michu’s Successor

by @Fplmaestro


Swansea manager Micheal Laudrup watched his opposition draw to the now former champions Manchester City 0-0 on Saturday and revealed he now has no option but to field his squad without his top scorer and currently most selected FPL player, Michu.

The Spaniard has managed to net an impressive 21 goals from the midfield position during an absolutely immaculate first season in English football and has gained several plaudits with his ‘Magic touch’ and not to mention has been one of the bargain buys of the season being signed by the Swans for only a fee of 2 million pounds! However, he had to be withdrawn during the second half of the league game against City carrying a hamstring injury. In his post match press conference Laudrup said-  “He has a hamstring problem. I am not sure if he has torn it but even if it is less than that, this will be his last game of the season”

It’s now nearly the end of a stressful season of FPL and the last thing that we that we could have possibly asked for is yet another injury to our long list of woes! And I’m sure the vast majority of you are already considering who to bring in for GW1, of next season, however it’s time to focus on the present and attempt to replace the lad, which is not going to be an easy task given the fact that he’s currently the cheapest FPL attacking player on the dream team! However, it’s a task which simply cannot be avoided.

What to consider from the players you pick-

Towards this stage of the season, consistency is only a minor aspect to consider! The main reasoning one should be putting in before making any changes at this moment of time is if the player has relatively easy fixtures in the up and coming 2 GW’s and that is mainly what the list below is based on!

Players you should consider-  

Going through the list of possible midfield options within  £1.5M of Michu’s current value, I have picked the following players as potential options to replace the Swansea talisman from now up until the end of the season-


Santi Cazorla-

Yet another Spaniard who’s endeared himself to his team’s fans is Santi Cazorla, having hit the ground running in his first year in English football, acquiring an impressive 12 goals and 9 assists for the Gunners since joining at the start of the season , he looks more than capable to add to his tally and help his team secure a place in the top 4! However, a recent slump in form has seen several FPL managers part company with him causing his price to drop considerably from £10.1-£9.5 Million, fixtures do look to be in his favor playing Newcastle and Wigan, both in the relegation scrap, which could really benefit those who do choose him to be the one to replace Michu.


Eden Hazard-

Eden Hazard is one of the latest Belgian success stories in the premier league.  Having such an immaculate start, his drop of form in the middle season was rather disappointing, however he has recently been on an impressive run of form and could be the right man to join your FPL team as his next games are to Aston Villa and Everton. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see him rack up a descent tally of points and finish the season in style!


Theo Walcott-

Walcott has had his best season in Arsenal colours, being the clubs top scorer and even being compared by his manager , to a certain French lad who wore the infamous number ’14’ on the back of his shirt! However, his injury and slight dip in form has seen his price fall down to an extremely attractive £8.8m at the moment he’s on a half descent run of form. He finishes this season playing Newcastle and Wigan, which are must win games for the gunners if they are to stand a chance of finishing in a Champions League positions and he could, yet again, step up to the plate and be a vital part of his teams ambitions of finishing in the top 4!


David Silva-

Yet another one of the several Spaniard to have graced the premier league, is David Silva despite not reaching the standards he had managed to set for himself last year, in a rather dismal season he might well be finishing the season in flying colours! Despite the fact his City have had a rather poor season and have nothing much really left to play for in the league, they finish this season playing Reading and Norwich. Now priced at an descent £9.2M I’d be surprised if Silva didn’t hit some big points for your FPL team and help City secure that 2nd place position.


By Dean Jones (Flickr: Coutinho Goal) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

By Dean Jones (Flickr: Coutinho Goal) [CC-BY-2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

Phillipe Coutinho-

Philippe Coutinho has been an instant success at Anfield since joining in January.

The Brazilian international, has lit up Liverpool‘s side with attacking flair and has managed to build a stunning partnership with both Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge in only three months. However, with Suarez injured himself and Sturridge will have to rise to the occasion for Liverpool and will have to be key in their goals of finishing in a Europa League place! He even comes at a mouth watering £6.7m and could be set to light up your FPL teams finish to this season.

Many thanks for reading my guest post on, feel free to give me a shout if you’ve got any queries in choosing between the bunch or anything FPL related on twitter  @Fplmaestro Hopefully we all have a stunning finish to brilliant season.

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Fantasy Football: Nothing but BONUS points!!

So-  the sky is blue, the grass is green and Gareth Bale gets 3 bonus points..the Welshman can do no wrong at the minute as he puts in another match winning performance for Spurs with the only goal of the game in a 1-0 win against Southampton.

Elsewhere, Walcott took the maximum for Arsenal and Ivanovic got the 3 bonus points for Chelsea ensuring that the race for the top 4 is no clearer after GW36. The midweek match up between Chelsea and Spurs has been growing in significance over the past few weeks and will be extremely interesting to see the outcome of this match with so much at stake!

Reading managed to hit 4 on the road against Fulham with Karacan taking the maximum. Unfortunately this result has came to late to save them but it is positive to see that they do have players capable of playing in the division and have the potential to be in the running for promotion next season if they can keep the same core of players.

The stalemate in the Merseyside Derby was not a classic in terms of goals by any means…But Reina managed all 3 bonus points which is somewhat of an achievement considering he is listed as having 2 saves.

Williams managed to get all 3 bonus points for Swansea in their 0-0 draw against Man City, in addition he did not almost nearly kill anyone so it was an all round solid performance!

Kone managed the maximum bonus points in Wigan’s dramatic 3-2 win at West Brom. With another game to go in GW36 he is certainly paying back managers who put him in for the DGW.

Another defensive display rewarded at Upton park with Collins getting all 3 Bonus points for West Ham against Newcastle.

With another 4 games still to go this gameweek we have plenty of scope for additional points. For now though – Do you agree with the Bonus points?? Who should have got them?? who shouldn’t of got them??

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04 May 15:00 Fulham Fulham 2 – 4 Reading Reading
Ruiz (2)
Karacan (3)
04 May 15:00 Norwich Norwich 1 – 2 Aston Villa Aston Villa
Westwood (2)
Agbonlahor (3)
04 May 15:00 Swansea Swansea 0 – 0 Man City Man City
Williams (3)
Zabaleta (2)
04 May 15:00 Tottenham Tottenham 1 – 0 Southampton Southampton
Walker (2)
Bale (3)
04 May 15:00 West Brom West Brom 2 – 3 Wigan Wigan
McManaman (2)
Kone (3)
04 May 15:00 West Ham West Ham 0 – 0 Newcastle Newcastle
Collins (3)
Nolan (2)
Jarvis (2)
Ben Arfa (2)
04 May 17:30 QPR QPR 0 – 1 Arsenal Arsenal
Koscielny (2)
Walcott (3)
05 May 13:30 Liverpool Liverpool 0 – 0 Everton Everton
Reina (3)
Baines (2)
Distin (2)
05 May 16:00 Man Utd Man Utd 0 – 1 Chelsea Chelsea

FantasyFootball #FYCUP : The Final 8!


The #FYCUP may have started with 256 players but there are now only 8 players left as we head onto the Quarter Finals.

Here is the draw for the QF!

REMEMBER!!! Only fixtures announced on are valid. The fixtures on the mini-league site relate to a H2H league over 8 weeks which with 256 original players obviously would not work! :)

We spoke with Doug Zanger, manager of FC Bull Mountain about his thoughts on reaching the Quarter Finals of the #FYCUP.

We asked how he felt about his performance so far this year and as you can see he had a lot to say! An #FYCUP win would mean pride for both him and his country apparently, but read on anyway – it’s all good! 🙂

Doing It For America

By Doug Zanger aka FC BULL MOUNTAIN

So I’m in the final 8 of the FY Cup.

On the surface, it’s either an achievement or just kind of ho-hum. The latter is reserved for those who generally reside in football hotbeds, especially the UK. They know their football well.

By the way, I am American.

The usual response is, “oh, this Yank just got lucky. There’s no way in hell he knows what he’s doing.”

Actually, I kind of do know what I’m doing. As do a nice subsection of my red, white and blue comrades.

I live in Portland, Oregon. We have a decent MLS team (the Timbers, where Clive Charles played) and a RABID fan base (the Timbers Army). In fact, Brits tell me it’s very much like being at a match in England — Newcastle seems to pop up as the example. As does Swansea.

Thankfully, we get to watch EPL (or BPL, take your pick) much more with the Fox and ESPN deals in place. Sure, matches may start at 4am, but I’m there watching them.

I went to uni in London in 1990. That’s where I became familiar and fell in love with Arsenal – and saw Paul Merson, my favourite insane football presenter play. I must say that Piers Morgan’s “dedication” to the squad is unsettling. But, Alan Davies’ support trumps it big-time.

I’ve played proper football since I was 5. I played at university. I still play in a first-division 40+ men’s league.

I can still blow right past you and put the ball in the back of the net á la Thierry Henry. I am still a greedy b*****d striker at the young age of 44.

So, as an American, I’m trying to put some context on my love of football. Because I know you all think I got “lucky” and I don’t have a Kalou (see what I did there?).

But we do know what we’re doing. We have deep love for the game and the league. But respect in the FantasyYIRMA world is to be earned, not chirped about. So I shall keep my ‘Merican piehole shut for the time being.

I will, however, give a little peek into the end of the season strategy. The best way to categorise it would probably be “aggressively conservative.”

Do I take the 8 (or 12 point) hit on transfers this week? Probably not. But 4 isn’t out of the question for a forward who may have two matches. But it ain’t gonna be Demba Ba or Torres. And who the hell knows with Man City. Aguero could go for 14 or -2. Dzeko could do the same.

So that means Lukaku gets the start. And them Lambert goes right back in for week 37.

Aside from that, the rest of the way, it will be steady as she goes.

And pray that I pick the right Welsh, Spanish or Dutch captain to save my arse each week.

All I know is that I really do want to win this thing. For the vanity. For the £££.

And for America.


The generous folks from @AdvertisingWeek have been in contact and offered to add £50 to the prize pot!!

To try and keep it fair I have decided to split the £50 with £25 going to the overall winner and £25 going to the Bonus prize winner (In Addition to the already great prize pot in place from our #FYCUP sponsors @StanJames !!!

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