West Ham, Man City and Liverpool Make the Preview

Fantasy Football – Gameweek 4 Preview – Written by @NiallHawthorne

As we approach the end of days, it’s important to take stock of what’s important.

Boris Johnson has just announced he’s going to prorogue parliament. We’ve all just learned what the word prorogue means. We can’t believe that the word pro-rogue is being introduced into the collective consciousness by an actual professional rogue.

There are also massive catastrophic wildfires raging in the Amazon in addition to the burning of Wildcards that have blighted us all. However, the human spirit is strong, and there’s always a tomorrow…until there isn’t.

Onto GW4!


Defender: Seamus Coleman, Everton   

In the last twenty Premier League matches played, there have been five clean sheets. Those clean sheets have been kept by Sheffield United, Aston Villa, Southampton, Newcastle and Everton.

What this means ladies and gentlemen is that all that money you spunked on premium defenders (I’m looking at you LFC x 3 aficionados) has thus far been a very expensive gamble that hasn’t paid off.

So, with all this in mind, I’m going to tip one of those clean sheet teams (a team that have kept an almost unheralded TWO clean sheets this season already), and that’s Everton. While Lucas Digne has stolen the limelight in recent months (both for his attacking prowess and the fact that he has more silent letters in his name than any player in history), Donegal’s finest Seamie Coleman has been getting back to something like his effervescent self in recent weeks.

The assists will come, the clean sheets are never far away, and a home fixture against a European-exerted Wolves offers potential.

Midfielder: Sadio Mane, Liverpool

A goal and an assist during his last match away from home, Mane was at the heart of everything for Liverpool when they travelled to Southampton.

While relatively quiet at home to Arsenal, the current golden boot holder has notched before at Turf Moor, and I’m backing him to metaphorically spill some claret this weekend.

You’ll turn the air blue if you don’t have him in your team.


Forward: Sebastien Haller, West Ham United   

The Hammers face the high-flying Canaries this weekend in a match that just screams ‘GOALS’.

While every man and his dog has pumped Pukki into their veins, Haller still seems to be flying under the radar with just 3.8% ownership.

He’s off the back of a double against Brighton, and while Norwich have impressed going forward, their defence has been giving off noxious odours thus far.

There’s a ‘mining for iron / canary dead in the cage’ gag in there somewhere, but I’ll let you work it out for yourself.

Captain: Raheem Sterling, Manchester City

Five goals in three league games this season, scoring exactly half his teams goals so far. If he keeps up that ratio then Raheem Sterling will score 57 goals this season.

Should you Captain him this weekend?

As that young lady Billie Eilish says: ‘Duh’.


Outsider: Andriy Yarmolenko, West Ham United    

Remember him?

Thirteen minutes against Brighton. 54 minutes against Watford.

The early bird catches the worm. 0.1% of FPL players own him. Your move.


Draft: Kevin Danso, Southampton 

90 minutes last time out, 6 points in the bag, and he’s got an ownership of 0.0% in FPL.

He doesn’t even own himself, FFS.

Fantasy Football – Gameweek 4 Preview – Written by @NiallHawthorne

Written by Niall Hawthorne.


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